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Pureprayer offers greetings to everyone on the occasion of Chaandramaana Yugaadi celebrations. A very happy, healthy and prosperous Sharvari Nama Samvatsaram wishes to one and all.

शतायुर्वज्रदॆहाय सर्वसंपत्करायच |

सर्वारिष्टविनाशाय भूनिंबदलभक्षणं ||

ಶತಾಯುರ್ವಜ್ರದೇಹಾಯ ಸರ್ವಸಂಪತ್ಕರಾಯಚ |

ಸರ್ವಾರಿಷ್ಟವಿನಾಶಾಯ ಭೂನಿಂಬದಲಭಕ್ಷಣಂ ||

SatAyurvajradEhAya sarvasaMpatkarAyacha |

sarvAriShTavinASAya BUniMbadalaBakShaNaM ||

Chandramana Yugadi and Corona Virus

Pureprayer requests all devotees to exercise enough caution while celebrating the Yugadi festival.

  • Please limit celebrations to your home
  • You may visit the temples if local authorities are permitting
  • Please take adequate precautions before stepping out
  • Please limit your shopping visits
  • Please use our Pandit/ Purohit services for performing festival Pujas
  • Please use our Online Puja booking platform to perform Sevas in our temples

Chandramana Yugadi

Chaandramaana Yugaadi is celebrated by consuming a mix of ‘Bevu-bella’ (Neem buds and Jaggary). On Ugadi day-break, we should wake up before dawn and take a head bath. The door entrances are decorated with fresh Mango leaves. Neem branches are added to prevent germs from entering or inhabiting the home. Neem is believed to cure fevers.

Another belief behind this practice of consuming ‘Bevu-bella’ is to remind us that, life is full of sweet and bitter moments. We should brace ourselves for such ups and downs. The sweetness of obbattu (sweet dish made of daal and jaggary) can make you forget the bitterness of neem.

Panchanga Shravanam

Panchanga Shravanam is another important activity performed during Chandramana Yugadi. This is carried out in the evening. Purohits and Pandits read out the almanac highlighting the aspects like rains, crops, agriculture, manufacture, precious metals like gold and silver among others.

Regional flavours of Yugadi

Chaandramaana Yugaadi has different regional flavours to it. Ugadi in the regions of Karnataka and Andhra. Gudi Padwa in the region of Maharashtra. Chaiti Chand in regions of Rajasthan. In Sanskrit, the word Pradurbhut indicates creation. Hence, Gudi Padwa is believed to signify the beginning of Vasant Ritu. Lord Brahma is believed to have started the creation on the Chaitra Pratipada. This is celebrated as Chaiti Chand.

Also celebrated in Sanatan Dharma are the days on which each Yuga began, which are celebrated as Yugadis.

  • Krita Yuga began on the Tithi of Kaarteeka Shukla Navamee (Ninth day of Kaartikmaas)
  • Treta Yuga began on the Tithi of Vaishaakha Shukla Triteeya (Third day of Vaishaakhmaas)
  • Dwapara Yuga began on the Tithi of Maagh Amavasya (Fifteenth day of Maaghmaas)
  • Kali Yuga began on the Tithi of Bhadrapad Krishna Trayodashee (Thirteenth day of Bhadrapadmaas)

Astrological significance

Another astrological significance of Yugadi Pratipada is, it is an auspicious day to begin many new activities or venture like buying property, setting up shops, starting an office and many more, excepting marriage or Upanayanam (Brahmopadesham).

Beginning the construction activity (Ground-breaking ceremony), Griha Pravesham, beginning the new business or work is done on the day of Yugadi Pratipada. The entire day is said to be Shubha Muhurtam (Shubh Mahurat).

Days of Akshaya Triteeya and Vijaya Dashamee are said to the other two days, when you need not check the Muhurtam to begin new ventures. Even the day of Bali Padyami is treated as a good day for beginning ventures. Please note that the best time is believed to be between sunrise and sunset for Bali Padyami.

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