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Book the Best Vedic Astrologer Services in Bangalore

PurePrayer provides the best Vedic Astrologer services in Bangalore online for consultations. Our astrologers provide solutions based on the Hindu Vedic Astrology procedure.

Astrology services with due diligence to fix Muhurtams for events like Naamakaranam (Naming Ceremony) for the new born, Annaprashan, Aksharabhyas, Vidyarambh, Upanayanam or Janeu, Sreemantham and many more from our reputed astrologers and purohits are available.

Horoscope matching services for the Vadhu-Var are also available. Other predictions like compatibility, off-springs, offshore living, business prospects and many more can be discussed. Consultations can be held for Manglik matters.

Consult our reputed Vedic Astrologers (Jyotishi) on problems related to delay in marriages, child birth, education-matters, job related issues, Muhurtam (Mahurat fixing), Dosh pariharas and more.  We also provide horoscope services, recommendations on the parihara pujas and rituals to be performed to address these issues and can arrange for purohits or pandits for pujas at your home, pujas at various temples and kshetras across India.

You can seek Parihara solutions and improvements that may be implemented to overcome the problems that are foreseen through Jyotish in the Janmakundali (Horoscope, Birth-Chart).

If you are seeking solutions for delays in marriage, employment or difficulties in education, astrological help is at hand. Delays in matters pertaining to beget children, fertility issues are addressed with remedial suggestions by our astrologers. Education is another major concern for the parents. Consult our astrologers for arriving at the right fields of education to reap the benefits.

Business opportunities can be discussed to ensure prospering investments. Muhurtams for Bhoomi Pooja, Griha Pravesh, Ground-breaking ceremony, Office/ Business inaugurals and many more occasions can be arrived at with our astrologers.

Please visit astro enquiry section and fill the forms and leave the rest to our astrologers. They would revert to you with suggestions, remedial actions and possible improvements.

Are you looking for handwritten Jatakam (Birth-Chart, Horoscope) by reputed astrologers? Look no further. Your Jatakam will be prepared and sent to you. Language options like Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi are available.

You can take up Astrological consultations are also available for performing Shanti Karyas like 60th year Shanthi (Shashthiyaptapoorthi), 70th year Shanthi, Sahasra Chandra Darshan, Shatabhishekam and many more.

Pureprayer is a leading App based and web based platform offering Puja-Homa-Pariharas and SpiRitual Journeys-Darshan and Puja packages to several important holy and sacred destinations.

To learn more about Vedic Astrological Services, please visit astro-enquiry section and for all your needs of Pujas-Homas-Pariharas and many more Hindu Religious Services. Call us at +91 81510 02255 for all your needs in spiritual walks of life. You can reach us on WhatsApp at 9900821000.

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