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Seemantham | Baby Shower | Valaikappu | Godhbharai Seemantham ceremony is an important Hindu Vedic procedure prescribed, among the Shodash Samskars performed during the pregnancy of the mother-to-be. Seemantham is generally performed after the completion of five months of pregnancy. Other

Brahmopadesham|Janoi|Janeu|Poonal|Upanayanam Looking for Pandit in Bangalore to perform Upanayanam Ceremony at your home? Pureprayer can provide you with Best Pandit in Bangalore for the ceremony of Upanayanam/ Janieu/ Poonool/Brahmopadesham. Upanayanam is an important stage among the sixteen procedures observed in Hindu religion, known

Purohit Services For Marriage (Wedding Ceremony) Marriage or wedding ceremony is an important milestone in life. Marriage signifies the transit from Brahmacharya to Grihastha in Hindu Sanatan Dharma. Performing Pujas and rituals during Vivah Samskar, acts an invitation to Gods and

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