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Kshetra Pujas

The Kattu Narasimha perumal Temple is situated in the suburb of Srirangam, near Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple. The temple predates Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangam and is one of the oldest temples of the city. As the Lord appeared here in the middle

When Lord Sri Rama returned to Ayodhya after rescuing Mother Sita from the captivity of Ravana, Sri Sugriva, Sri Hanuman and Sri Vibishana accompanied the Lord to participate in the coronation function of the Lord. While returning back with the

Thiruppainjeeli Kshetra: Thiruppainjeeli Kshetra located about 23 km from Thirucchirappalli and about 100 km from temple-town of Kumbhakonam in Tamil Nadu. This kshetra dedicated to Lord Shiva called Gneelivaneswarar. Legend says that, due to a contest between Adi Shesha and Lord Vayu

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