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Kshetra Pujas

Thiruvanaikka is also known as Jambukeswaram a Kshetra about 10km from Thirucharappally in Tamil Nadu and dedicated to Lord Shiva, more popular as Sri Jambukeswarar. It is a Jala Lingam and Kshetra is called Appu Stalam. Sri Jambukeswarar temple is believed

Sri Sivayoginathar temple located in Thiruvisanallur is about eight km from the temple-town of Kumbhakonam in Tamil Nadu. This Kshetra popular as Vrishabha Rashi temple (Taurus) is a temple-complex with Lord Shiva as Sivayoginathar and various deities. Thiruvisanallur was earlier

Mandarti Sri Durga Parameshwari Kshetra is a very ancient religious Kshetra located about 25km from Udupi, Dakshina Kannada of Karnataka State. Durga Parameshwari is said to have protected King Deva Varma of Hemadri and his wife Jalajakshi, when in the

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