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Dhanvantari homa is a health-related vedic homa performance dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This is performed seeking good health, longevity and freedom from illnesses. Dhanvantari is ‘Deva Vaidya’ or divine doctor who incarnated during the Great Churn of the ocean of milk (Samudra Mathan) and brought Amrit (elixir) that could overcome ageing, diseases and illnesses. You can perform Dhanvantari Homa also on special days like Bimarath Shanti, Shatabhishekam, Ugrarath Shanti (celebrating 60th year birthday) and many more occasions. Dhanvantari homa can be performed in the name of patients undergoing crucial surgeries and medical treatment praying for a quicker recovery of health.

You can perform Dhanvantrari homa in Kshetras and in absentia too.


  • Brings relief from prolonged and painful diseases.
  • Boosts immunity to diseases
  • Benevolence of Lord Dhanvantari


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