Medha Saraswathi Homam
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Medha Saraswathi Homam is a special vedic performance, dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi / Goddess Shakthi at select religious Kshetras (centers). Medha Saraswathi is known as a Swarupa (form) of Goddess Saraswathi worshipped by even the gods. Medha Saraswathi Homa may be performed before Aksharabhyasam, joining school or any important occasion seeking the grace of the goddess of wisdom.  It is essential for the participants to maintain high levels of sanctity during this homa.

You can perform Medha Saraswati homa in Kshetras and  in absentia too.


  • Provides the best celestial help to those who intend to be achievers
  • Helps clear all possible diversions due to planetary movements
  • Helps those who lack emotional support from parents or elders

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Price Range: 22000- 24000
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