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Pratyangira Homa:

Pratyangira homa is believed to shield you strongly from harmful elements, protect from untoward incidents and give relief by destroying all your enemies in one go.

Pratyangira Homa can be performed in Shakthi Sthalas like Kolluru for best results. Pratyangira Homa has to be performed on a pre-decided day, with high levels of sanctity, under the supervision of learned priests.

Prati” and “Angira”, the terms mean “befitting reply” and “tantric cult and vamachara prayogas”. Goddess Pratyangira is believed to be the form of both shiva and shakthi. Goddess is also known as ‘Nrisimhika’ or the Lion-faced goddess. Pratyangira Devi is the swarupa of Dharma / righteousness and Satya / truth. She has the impeccable power to destroy the sins of her devotees and shield devotees from fears and harms.


  • Elimination of Adhikarika prayoga (Fatal Vamachara prayogas like ‘PutthaLikA sthApana’).
  • Relief from ‘Drishti Dosha’ or negative effects due to the jealous eyes of people.
  • Improvement in health of the Kartha and revival of his self-confidence.

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Price Range: 27500- 30000
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