Agastheeswarar Abhishekam
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Agastheswarar Abhishekam is stated to be very effective and help overcome the problems related to Pitru Dosha. When performed on select days, the efficacy of Agastheswarar Abhishekam is said to be manifold.

Abhishekam is performed to lord installed in the temple complex amidst chanting Rudra.

What is Pitru Dosh?

Pitru Dosh could result in troubles such as delay in marriage, finding a job, child birth, disobedient children and illnesses amongst children, matrimonial disputes, disharmony, unforeseen expenses, legal proceedings and accidents are attributed to the suffering soul. Presence of Pitru Dosh can be arrived at by studying your horoscope.

  • Peace and harmony
  • Reduces Pitru Dosh
  • Prosperity and Wealth

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