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Offer Janma Nakshatra Pujas at Nakshatra Temples

Offering prayers to gods and thanking them on the days of Janma Nakshatra (Meaning: Birth-Star) by visiting temples is an old Sanatan tradition followed by Hindus. It is an ancient custom in Tamil Nadu to offer Puja-Homa-Parihara at temples based on Janma Nakshatra seeking the grace and benevolence of the deity. Janma Nakshatra according to Hindu method of Vedic Astrology is defined as the star in which Moon is said to be residing ruling at the time of birth.

Nakshatra temples in Tamil Nadu are said to be places with active energy that can be perceived by the devotees. Performing Pujas and offering prayers at these power spots every month and yearly on the days of ‘Birth-Star’ can give immense uplift.

Offering prayers at ancient Nakshatra temples in South India can help devotees in many ways:

  • Benevolence of the presiding deity
  • Benevolence of ruling star
  • Health And Prosperity
  • Continuation of lineage

Pureprayer is now presenting an opportunity to offer Janma Nakshatra Pujas at these select Nakshatra Temples. Log into or call us at 9108630444 to learn more about your Janma Nakshatra temples and seek the grace of gods.

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