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|| यथा धेनु सहस्रेषुवत्सो गच्छति मातरंतथा पूर्व कृतं कर्मंकर्तार मनु गच्छति ||

Fruits of Karma are said to follow us, no matter how many times we take birth. No one can escape Karma, just like the calf finds its mother in the herd of thousands of cows.

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Pitra Dosh Nivaran, Pitra dosh Pooja, Moksha Narayan Bali, Narayanabali Pooja, Narayan Nagbali, are some of the words that haunt, when the astrologer examines the Janma Patrika and concludes there is Sarpa Dosh.

Narayan Bali Rites:

Narayan Bali, a necessary ritual described in Garuda Purana for all cases of abnormal death, is explained as follows: death by fasting, by animals, by accident, by arson/fire, by a curse, or any unusual disease which suddenly caused untimely death.  These rites help the Atma (soul) to liberate and transcend. Narayan Bali consists of the same rituals as a Hindu funeral done to help the souls attain mukti. Vedic Mantras are chanted to invoke such souls. Narayanabali pooja should be performed by those who feel that any of the kin or relatives are deprived of regular annual ceremonies. However, the priest/astrologer should be consulted before deciding to perform.

Narayana bali finds mention in Parashar Smriti. In Kaliyuga, Parashar Smriti has been upheld as the tradition to follow.

What are the Reasons for suggesting Narayana Bali Pooja?

Narayana Bali Pooja is suggested when the horoscope (birth-chart) shows up Pitru Dosh.

Narayana Bali Puja or Moksha Narayanabali pooja is a form of offering special Bali (sacrifice) for giving peace to the Atma (soul) of persons who might have suffered unnatural death. Narayana Bali also is performed to persons for whom funeral rites Shraddha Karmas have not been performed. Narayana Bali should be performed by those who feel that any of the kin or relatives are deprived of regular annual ceremonies.

This can result in problems like Preta Badha, loss in business, increasing debt, Family health Problems, marriage problems, accidental deaths, loss of peace and harmony. Narayanabali is performed to address these problems arising due to ancestral curse (Pitru Shaap/Pitru Dosh).

Narayana Bali Puja is recommended in these cases:

  • Untimely death/s due to accidents like animal bites, fire, suicide and many more
  • When rites and rituals not offered to the ancestors
  • Horoscope shows delays in marriage/child birth
  • Employment related problems
  • Financial problems


Frequently Asked Questions about Narayana Bali Pooja


What happens in Accidental Death? What are its effects?

When a person’s death occurs due to unnatural causes, the Atma (soul) is stuck between the two worlds. In such event, the soul puts the surviving family members through a lot of sufferings to seek their attention. This can result in problems like Preta-Badha, loss in business, increasing debt, Family health Problems, marriage problems, accidental deaths, loss of peace and harmony. When no efforts are made to provide salvation to such dissatisfied Atma (Soul), they curse the surviving generation or their kin. This is known as Pitra Shaap or Preta Shaap.

It is said that however we appease gods, before showering us with benevolence, they are said to inquire with Pitrus, if they have been satisfied. Hence, it is important to seek the virtue of Pitrus.

|| देवता शोभायै पितरो नु मदंतु ||


What is Sarpa Dosh? How it is related to Narayanabali?

It is said that, Sarpa Dosh appears when accidental deaths may have occurred in a person’s family tree of seven generations, either on father’s side or on mother’s side.

How to overcome Pitru Dosh?

Atma of such person who has suffered accidental death can be liberated by performing Narayanbali Vidhi or Narayanabali Pooja.

Can I combine Narayana Bali Pooja with Thila Homam?

You can perform these combination Poojas like Thila Homam with Narayana Bali, with an additional day of Puja in the Kshetra.

When to Perform Narayanabali Puja or Narayanbali Vidhi?

Narayana bali Puja may be performed through-out the year. The Yekadashi (Eleventh day) of Shukla Paksh (Bright Fortnight) is believed to be highly auspicious. There are many other thoughts like the importance of performing on the day of Shravana Nakshatram, Panchami (Fifth day) and so on.

The five months beginning from Ashaadhmaas, Shravanmaas, Bhadrapadmaas, Ashwayujmaas, and Karteekmaas are said to be the most ideal for performing Narayana bali Puja or Narayanbali Vidhi.

Ghata Chaturdashi is the most suggested Thithi (date) for deaths due to accident or suicide.

Where to Perform Narayan Bali Puja?

Narayana bali puja is offered at various Teertha kshetras in India like Gaya, Gokarna, Srirangapatna, Rameshwaram, Kashi, Prayag, Trimbakeshwar and many more.  Gaya Kshetra on the banks of River Phalgu, has been a well-known Mukti-Sthal destination for Pitru Karyas and other remedial Pujas from time immemorial. As Gokarna kshetra and Gaya are said to have Rudrapad and Vishnupad respectively, the puja can be performed anytime of the year. Kashi Kshetra on the banks of River Gange is highly suitable to perform these Teertha Vidhis.  Srirangapatna on the banks of River Kaveri is another Teertha Kshetra preferred by the devotees in Karnataka state. Timbakeshwar being a Jyotirlinga Kshetra, is another destination due to the greater availability of Pandits and Purohits to perform many kinds of Parihara Karayas.

What are the Benefits of Performing Narayan Bali Puja?

  • Better marriage prospects
  • Beget Children (progeny)
  • Success in Business & Education
  • Marital Harmony

What should I wear for performing Narayana Bali Pooja?

This is a traditional worship delineated in Puranas and practiced for many centuries in India with traditional attire of Dhothi for men and sari for women.

What  we should not eat before and after Narayana Bali Pooja?

It is done by means fasting. And hence, people do not consume any food before performing pooja. The day begins by rising early and taking a bath.

What does it cost to perform Narayana Bali Pooja?

Narayana Bali Pooja cost depends on many factors:

  • Cost varies for Two Day Pooja and Three Day Pooja
  • Cost varies with additional Puja or Homa
  • Cost varies with Remote Online Pooja and Kshetra facilities


Our Service Includes:

  • Selection of a place or a Kshetra for the ceremony
  • Selection of an appropriate Purohit (Iyer, Iyengar, Madhwa, Smartha etc) for the ceremony
  • Puja Samagri along with other arrangements at the venue
  • Multi-lingual Purohits 

Our Service Assurance:

  • Pandit/Purohit services for all requirements in Bangalore performed by Gurukul certified Vedic scholars who can speak and communicate in your language like English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu etc
  • Expertise in Pujas, Homas, Pariharas, Rites and rituals, Shodash Samskars
  • Punctuality in delivering Purohit services

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