Rahu Ketu Parihara Puja
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Rahu-Ketu Parihara is a very important Parihara Puja performed seeking solution to negativities that cause troubles due to planetary positions.

Rahu and Ketu dosha are caused due to the inauspicious planetary positions of Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope. The existence of this dosha in Kundali has a malefic impact on marriage prospects, health, fertility and career prospects. The foremost impact caused by Rahu Ketu dosham, can be seen in delays of marriage prospects.

Rahu-Ketu Parihara Puja is carried out in Kshetras to alleviate difficulties caused by Rahu and Ketu. There are a number of temples across India where you can perform Puja-Homa-Pariharas for Rahu Ketu dosham.

Temples for Rahu Ketu Parihara Pujas:


This Rahu Sthalam Kshetra is well known for its special Rahu Parihara puja rituals. You can perform ‘Palabhishekam’ (offering of milk) to Rahu bhagavan during rahu kalam. The temple is located at about 6Km from Kumbakonam.


Known for Rahu-Ketu Parihara Puja, Tirupampuram Kshetra has a history of over 3000 years. You can see Rahu & Ketu carved in a single stone. The temple is located at about 28Km from Kumbakonam.

Sri Kalahasti

Rahu-Ketu Puja at Sri Kalahasti Temple, a famous Shaiva Kshetra, is very popular amongst devotees across the world. The temple is located about 40Km from Tirupati.

  • Alleviates fertility problems for couples, blessed with children
  • Removes hurdles for marriage
  • Career growth and financial benefits
  • Peace and harmony
  • Removes negative impacts of planets Rahu and Ketu

Our Service Assurance:

Pureprayer offers puja and homam services, both in the location of your choice, performed by Vedic scholars who can speak multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etc. Rahu Ketu Parihara puja can be performed at Sri Kalahasti, Thirupampuram & Thirunageswaram Temples, Vaidheeswaran koil in Tamilnadu.

Service Includes:

  1. Astrology support to help devotees with puja, homam and parihara related queries
  2. Arrange a call with our Purohits and Guruji at the ashram to address queries related to the puja rituals
  3. All puja samagri (materials)
  4. Transfer from devotee location to Kshetras and local transportation in AC vehicles
  5. Transparent puja pricing and explanation of procedures
  6. Booking of Budget or Luxury accommodation at location
  7. Sattvik food

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