Shani Peyarchi 2020 | Saturn Transit | Thirunallar Temple | Sade Sati
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Pureprayer is organising a special Sani Peyarchi Homam in Kumbakonam starting from 5 AM, 27th December, 2020. The Homam event will have a Live broadcast on our Facebook page.

Witness this grand event and get blessed by Lord Sani.

Shani or Sani, the planet Saturn, transits into Makara Rasi on 27th December, 2020, as per Vaakya Panchangam.

Saturn or Shani is the most significant and most feared planet of the Navagraha as per Hindu traditions. Actually Saturn is the most benevolent planet because he removes the sins of our past births and therefore known as ‘Karmakaraka’ (Influencer of the work life).

Shani is a slow moving planet and his impact, either positive or negative will last for long. Devotees of all rashis (zodiac signs) can perform a Parihara or Archana to Shani Deva at Thirunallar(Puduchery State) Dharbaranyeswarar Temple, the most popular Shani parihara sthalam of the Navagraha Temple Yatra around Kumbakonam, during Sani Peyarchi or Shani Gochaar.

If Saturn is weakly placed as per horoscope, it is most recommended to perform Archana Seva or Parihara puja at Thirunallar.

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