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Vilwa Pathra Pushpanjali is an auspicious offering, which Lord Paramasiva is so fond of, is the main offering at Kakkayam  Kiratha  Moorthy Temple. The temple is situated in Kottaym District in Kerala. Here the diety is often called Kakkayathappan. Vilwa Pathram is the lone flower, Lord Paramasiva adornes his head. That’s the reason why, he’s so fond of that particular flower. It’s a distinctive offering for Kakkayathappan. This  offering is done to fulfill one’s ambition and for the entire family’s well being.
Since it’s the main offering here in the temple,it consists of so many rituals. Its often done during the Dhara(the holy bath of the diety) at the Ucha Pooja time in the temple.The devotee will have a tray in hand consisting of 108 Koovala Leaves(a sacred leaf).With the tray the devotee circles the diety three times chanting the manthras of Lord Siva.Once the Dhara is completed, the god is adorned with these 108 Koovala Leaves as the Pushpanjali. And a Kadumpayam(a sacred pudding with jaggery) is also offered.
It is believed that Lord Siva’s most tranquil mood is at the time of Dhara. And it is at the same time that his favourite flower is adorned(Pushpanjali) with the revolution around the diety. This is considered the perfect time time for one to ask for his ambition to be fulfilled. Likewise 12 no’s of Vilwa Pathra Pushpanjali is recommended and is very distinctive. That’s why the Vilwa Pathra Pushpanjali is considered so auspicious for Kakkayathappan. Numerous Devotees from several places reach the temple to perform the offering. It is believed that the Koovala Leaf getting in return is considered opulent to keep in the house of the devotee.

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