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Shani Tailabhishekam is performed to Lord Shani Dev (Saturn) seeking his benevolence and grace. By performing Shani Tailabhishekam i.e. sesame oil abhisheka at famous kshetras, one can experience relief from problems related to Saade Saat, Ashtama Shani and Malefic Shani in horoscope.

Of all the Navagrahas, Shani is the most feared and respected planet. It is highly recommended that Shani Tailabhishekam be performed on first Saturday of each month, for a period of 3 months or 6 months for effective results.

Popular kshetra of Shani in South India is Thirunallar in Puduchery, which is one of the popular Navagraha parihara kshetras around Kumbakonam. Thousands of devotees throng at Thirunallar Shani kshetra temple for relief from malefic effects of Shani. Taking a dip at the holy Nala Theertham before darshan of Shani Dev bestows great relief from Shani dosham.

Benefits of performing Shani Tailabhishekam:

  • Career & business growth
  • Protection from mishaps and bad health
  • Relief from enemies/adversaries
  • Peace and harmony in family & life.

Distance from Chennai to Thirunallar is approx.280 kms and distance from Bangalore to Thirunallar Shani kshetram is about 450 kms.


Our Service Assurance:

Pureprayer offers online puja services for Shani Tailabhishekam, Shani Shanti Homam and other Shani Dosha Parihara Pujas. The Shani Tailabhishekam is usually performed for four, eight or nineteen weeks. The tailabhishekam is performed with sesame oil to Lord Shani and a prasadam is sent to the devotees.

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