Guru Parihara Homa
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Guru Parihara Homa Package Includes;  Ganapathi Homa, Navagraha Homa and Guru Parihara Homa.

Ganapathi Homa : 

Lord Ganapati is considered as the powerful God who can grant all types of wealth. Ganapati plays a key role in ensuring the protection of devotees from enemies. Ganapati is worshiped in various names and forms for getting the endowments from him. He clears all types of stumbling blocks.

Ganapati Homa is appropriate for the individuals who need to conquer complexities of life. Ganapati Homa is a performed to seek Lord Ganapati’s grace and benevolence. Ganapati Homa is performed to eradicate all the obstacles and reach the goal.

Navagraha Homa :

‘Nava’ means nine, ‘Graha’ means planets. There are 9 planets that influence life, as per Vedic Astrology. The position of a planet at the time of birth will have an influence on actions and reactions to different situations in life causing ups and downs.

The Navagraha Homa (Fire Lab) is performed to appease the nine celestial bodies. The position of each planet in birth chart indicates the level of success or failure in life. All the nine planets play a significant role in day-to-day life, and performing Navagraha Homa helps take full advantage of the powers they represent. Performing Navagraha Homa will offset the negative influence of planet positions. Removal obstacles, longevity, good health, wealth and happiness are arrived at by performing the ceremony to appease the nine planets. Navagraha Homa is performed by experienced priests in consonance with the significance of each planet. Mantras and hymns are recited to derive the benefits. All nine celestial bodies are honored with ‘samiths’ and other offerings.

Guru Parihara Homa : 

Guru Parihara Puja is performed when the Guru Graha (Jupiter) is about to transit as per Janmakundali (Horoscope) and is considered very auspicious, as this removes all the negative impacts of Guru Graha.

Guru Parihara Homa is a package that consists of Ganapati Homa, followed by Navagraha Homa. Guru Parihara is performed with special oblations to Lord Brihaspati that can attract the benevolence and grace of Guru.

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