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Keezhaperumpallam Naganathaswamy Temple also called as ‘Ketu Sthalam’ is located at Keezhaperumpallam, Tanjore district of Tamilnadu and about an hour’s ride from Kumbhakonam (60km). The heritage place of Poompuhar is about two kilometres from here. Presiding deity of this Kshetra is Lord Shiva as “Naganathaswamy” and Goddess Parvathi as “Soundaranayagi“. The idol of Ketu (planet Mercury) is visible as silver serpent with the head of a snake and body of an Asura through the entrance.

Ketu represents both good and bad and has spiritual and supernatural influences. Ketu has a tremendous impact on human life as it has both malefic and beneficial aspects. Ketu is also known as ‘Karaka’ and can bring excellence in education and prosperity to the family of the person offering the puja.

Performing Ketu parihara homam and pujas at Keezhaperumpallam is said to alleviate dhosam related to Kethu, Marriage, Child birth, Sarpa dhosam, defects carried from the former birth and others.

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