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Oothukadu Kalinga Narthana Perumal Temple

Nartana Kalinga Krishnar Perumal temple is located in the village of Oothukaadu, a twenty minute-drive (12 km) from the temple-town of Kumbhakonam in Tamil Nadu. This Nankonda Chola period temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is popular as Thengokulam.

Oothukaadu Venkata Kavi Subba Aiyer

Oothukaadu is famous for the poet and devotee of Lord Krishna, Sri Oothukaadu Venkata Kavi Subba Aiyer. Many Pujas and homas are performed related to Rohini Nakshatram here, as it was the birth-star of Lord Krishna too.

Even those who want to learn music and dance forms of art, pray here before beginning. Hence it is also popular as Prathanasthalam. Oothukaadu Kshetra has gained fame as a ‘Parihara Sthalam’ for Rahu Dosham, Sarpa Dosham and Rohini Nakshatra Parihara.

Oothukaadu Kshetra is believed to be known as Pushpavanam.

Kalinga Narthana Perumal

The temple gained popularity after the discovery of the panchaloha idol of Lord Krishna in the dance pose from the temple tank. Idol is about 30 inches tall. An interesting feature of the idol is Lord’s left foot does not touch the hood of serpent. The legend says that Lord Krishna re-enacted the Kalinga mardana here in front of Nandini and Patti who were daughters of the sacred Kamadhenu in this region. Hence the name Kalinga Narthana Perumal.

Jayaraman Bhattacharya:

Jayaraman Bhattacharya is the Pradhana Archakar in Oothukadu Kalinga Narthana Perumal Temple. He is performing Temple Pujas as well as many Puja-Homa-Pariharas to the devotees seeking a way out from problems in every-day life. Rohini Nakshatra Parihara Homa is a very effective and much sought after homa being performed under his guidance.

Pujas Offered

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