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Srirangapatna is an ancient Teertha Kshetra on River Kaveri located in Mandya district of Karnataka state. Sri Ranganatha Swamy is the presiding deity and inspiration to many devotional songs. Srirangapatna Kshetra reached primacy during the period of Sri Ramanujacharya, the founder of Vishishtadvaita philosphy. Srirangapatna is one among the Triranga kshetras and known as Adiranga. Madhyaranga and Srirangam are the other two.

This region is known as Gautama Kshetra during Vedic age. It is stated in the Brahmanda Purana that, Lord Vishnu settled in this region as Lord Sri Ranganathaswamy to answer the prayers of Kaveri and Sage Gautama.

Nearby Temples:

Karighatta temple of Lord Srinivasa is about a ten minute ride from Srirangapatna Kshetra. The presiding deity is known as ‘Karigirivasa’. Sri Nimishambha Temple is also close by.

Asthi Visarjan:

The river is also known as Paschimavahini and is believed to grant Moksha for the departed, when ‘Asthi Visarjan’ is performed here. Devotees take up many kinds of religious activities like Homas, Shantis and funeral rites in Srirangapatna.

Pureprayer can also help you perform any specific Puja, Homa or any ceremony offered to the departed ones in Srirangapatna.


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