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Thirukarukavur Kshetra is located about 20 km from the temple-town of Kumbhakonam in Tamil Nadu. This Kshetra is famous for the temple of Parvati called, Garbharakshambika or Garbharakshamigai and Lord Shiva here is called Mullaivananathar (lord of Jasmine gardens).

The general belief is that devotees longing to have children and anxious for a baby are blessed with one and soon return to offer the Puja known as ‘Thanga thottil’, in which the new born is placed in a cradle hung in the temple. Thanga thottil facility is available both in morning times and evenings. Parents blessed with baby are allowed to perform Thanga Tottil till the baby is five years old.

A legend says that, Sage Nidhruva and his wife Vedhika lived here in this region and were ardent devotees of Lord Shiva and Parvati. They longed for a progeny and prayed to Shiva. Luckily, Vedhika conceived. However, when Sage Nidhruva was away, Vedhika was cursed by another sage, who put a curse that she suffer from Raja Yakshma (consumption disease) as she failed to treat him as a guest should be. Upon hearing this, Vedhika fervently prayed Parvati, who came to blemishless Vedhika’s rescue and saved the mother and baby. In due course of time a healthy baby was born and he was named Naidhruva.

Many devotees visit this Kshetra to have their desire of progeny fulfilled.

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