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Thiruppainjeeli Kshetra:

Thiruppainjeeli Kshetra located about 23 km from Thirucchirappalli and about 100 km from temple-town of Kumbhakonam in Tamil Nadu. This kshetra dedicated to Lord Shiva called Gneelivaneswarar.

Legend says that, due to a contest between Adi Shesha and Lord Vayu (the wind god) as to who was strongest, portions of mountain Kailash got dislodged and dropped down in the southern India. Thirupanjeeli or Gneelivanam is one such portion. There are many other regions in Tamil Nadu, where remaining portions of Kailash is believed to have dropped.

Melai Chidambaram:

Thirupanjeeli Kshetra is also popular as Melai Chidambaram. Sage Vasishtha is believed to have requested for a darshan of Lord Shiva in his cosmic-dance as Nataraja, when he learnt that Sage Patanjali and Sage Vyaghrapada had a glimpse of dancing Shiva in Chidambaram. Puranas say that, Sage Vasishtha had his darshan in this region. Another popular belief is that, Lord Shiva himself came in disguise to feed and take care of his Bhakta (devotee) in this region.

When you perform Puja-Homa-Pariharas in such Teertha Kshetras, the results are said to be manifold.

Please get in touch with Pureprayer for Mrityunjaya Homa, Navachandi Homa, Santana Gopala Homa or any other worship you desire to perform in Thirupanjeeli Kshetra.

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