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Shaktivaneswarar Kshetra is located about 15 min drive (Approx.7 km) from the temple-town of Kumbhakonam. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva called as Shaktivaneswarar and is at walking distance to Patteeswarar temple. Legend says that, Parvati was doing a penance here to seek Lord Shiva for companionship and was in a deep meditation. Lord Shiva decided to test her and appeared as a column of fire before her. Parvati embraced the column without any hesitation or fear in her mind. Hence, the Kshetra got the name Thiru Shakti Mutram (place where Shakti embraced the lord). Parvati here is known as Periya Nayaki. The temple enjoyed royal patronage of Cholas and Vijayanagar Empire.

Visiting this temple here is said to bring a change in personal life. One seeking marriage or suffering from separation is said to benefit by offering obeisance to Lord Shiva.

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