Thirukannamangai Bhaktavatsala temple:

Thirukannamangai Bhaktavatsala temple is a Divyadesham Kshetra located about 51 km from Gatra Sundareswarar temple in Kanjanagaram. This is also known as ‘Saptamrita Kshetra’ (Meaning: region with seven elixirs). Bhaktavatsala temple here dedicated to Lord Vishnu is of antiquity. Goddess Lakshmi is said to have performed penance here after the Amritmanthan (Great churn) seeking to marry Lord Vishnu. She is fondly referred to as Kannamangai Nayagi. This is known to be one of the Pancha-Krishna Kshetras.
People with birth-star Rohini Nakshatram are advised to visit and offer prayers in this temple.