Aghoraasta Uchaatana Homa

This is a typical Homa performed in the sandhi kaala (preferably during dusk). This homa is ideal to be performed in a Shaiva kshetra. Lord Rudra is invoked along with his main ganas. This homa has a prolonged procedure. It needs to be done under the guidance of an able pundit.  High levels of sanctity are to be maintained and certain food restraints need to be followed before the Homa. For more details, please contact Pureprayer now.  

Benifits :

  • Releif from most dangerous tantra prayogas to the affected person.
  • Brings mental stability to the affected person.
  • Provides raksha kavacha to the family members of the Kartha.

Price Range: 27500 to 30000

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