Tila Homa

Tila homa is performed to settle souls in peace and comes as a saviour of souls of ancestors and others who may have died unnaturally. It is stated in Puranas, that such unsettled souls are believed to wander around, constantly disturbing the positive energy and blessings. The spirit or the soul of the dead person would be in a state of limbo and suffering without being liberated. This may result in a lot of obstacles and troubles for the family of the deceased. Troubles such as delay in marriage, finding a job, child birth, disobedient children and illnesses amongst children, matrimonial disputes, disharmony, unforeseen expenses, legal proceedings and accidents are attributed to the suffering soul. Known as ‘Pitru Dosha’, these are said to haunt a person when the ancestors have not been appeased properly through non-performances of sraddhas and other rituals correctly. Tila homa is recommended as a remedy by expert astrologers and is said that the soul will find its way to heaven, have a rebirth or attain ‘Moksha’ (become one with god).

Benefits :

  • Addresses marriage or matrimonial disputes
  • Yields the desire of Issueless or childless couples
  • Increases the chances of earning means
  • Improves child health and behaviours​
  • ​​​​​​Helps settle legal disputes, unforeseen expenses

Price Range: 10000 to 25000

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