Ashlesha Bali

Ashlesha Bali is a special puja performed for relief from Sarpa Dosha, Naga Dosha and Kala Sarpa Dosha. It ensures relief from ill-health, problems in married life, childlessness, delay in every action and many such difficulties  Lord Subrahmanya is believed to be capable of absolving people suffering from ‘Kujadosha’ and ‘Kalasarpadosha’. According to scriptures, the eight Cobras; Sarpa, Ananta, Shesha, Kapila, Naga, Karkotaka, Shankhapala and Bhudhara are worshipped with 16 types of pujas like, Homa, Kalashapuja, Navashaktipuja, Mandalapuja and so on. These are known as Shodasha pujas.


  • Protection from ill-effects of Sarpa Dosha
  • Addresses the infertility issues in couples
  • Benevolence of Lord Subrahmanya
  • Kuja Dosha removal
  • Eases problems of all kinds in education, marriage, offsprings

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