Varshika shraddha

According to Indian Shatras man or women is indebted to three forms of debts knowns as Devaruna, Rishiruna and Pitruruna. Amongst these runa clearing of Pitruruna is important because we are indebted to parents or ancestors since we get this body only through them and we enjoy all material benefits through this body. Pitruruna is to be cleared in the form of performing Varshika Shraddha or yearly death ceremony which comes on the thithi on which the parents or ancestors deceased so on that particular lunar thithi this ceremony is carried out to which the ritual Devatas are “VASU RUDRA AND ADITYA” through them thripindikarana Shraddha is done where father or mother, grandfather or grandmother, great-grandfather or great grandmother is offered the ritual offerings. Pitru runa ceremony and rituals carried by surviving son or sons on the ‘shraddha tithi’ is known as Varshika Shraddha. Carrying out Varshika shraddha in ‘Teertha Kshetras’ (holy places) has been considered highly meritorious as mentioned in Puranas.

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