Kalasarpa Shanti

Kalasarpa Shanti is defined as a condition occurring when all the planets are positioned between Rahu and Ketu or planets are trapped in a vicious circle in a ‘Kundali’ (horoscope). This condition is termed as ‘Kala Sarpa Yoga’. Rahu is the mouth of snake and Ketu the rest of the body of a snake. Rahu and Ketu as a snake swallow all other planets in the Kundali and render them inactive. A person suffering from Kala Sarpa Yoga should perform this puja. If a child has Kala Sarpa Yoga, then parents should perform the puja. If all the hard work doesn't yield desired results, then Kala Sarpa Shanti is the best solution.


  • The benevolence of Lord Subrahmanya
  • Protection from ill-effects of Sarpa Dosha
  • Addresses the infertility issues in couples
  • Kuja Dosha removal
  • Eases difficulties in education, marriage, offspring issues

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