Medha Saraswathi homa

Medha Saraswathi Homa is a special vedic performance done at select religious centers. Medha Saraswathi is known as a Swarupa of Goddess Saraswathi who is worshipped by the gods. This Homa is done on select days dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi / Goddess Shakthi.  The Kartha and participants need to maintain high levels of sanctity during this homa. For more details, please contact Pureprayer now.  

Benifits :

  • This homa provides the best celestial help to those who intend to be achievers.
  • Helps clear all possible diversions due to planetary movements.
  • Helps those who lack emptional support from parents or elders.

Price Range: 22000 to 24000

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