Saraswathi Homa

Saraswati Homa

Saraswati Homa is a dedicated Vedic performance done at Shakti temples. Saraswati homa is done under the supervision of Vedic pundits. Goddess Saraswati is invoked in a Deva Kalasha. Saraswati Sukta and Namavali are recited and the Homa dravya is offered to the Holy fire. You can also opt for a detailed homa, where Navagraha and Parivara devatas are invoked. For more details, please contact Pureprayer now.


  • Best celestial help for children, before their examinations
  • Children having problems like weak memory, dullness and lisping will get good results                                                    
  • Relief from Planetary doshas relating to 'Guru Graha'

Price Range: 22000 to 24000

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