Vamachara Sandhi Shanti

Vamachara means left hand path where negative forces in the nature are used to trouble people who are in enemity it is a bad path to be followed. Performing Vamachara on a person will effect the person on whom this ritual is conducted as a result of this the person who is under influence of the ritual will have dangerous problems like, nearing death like incidents, loss of memory, wealth, fame, setbacks in ongoing works, incurable diseases, blood realated problems, loss of apetite, etc. Vamachara Sandhi Shanti is unique and it destroys the bad effects of witchcraft or Vamachara. It should be performed only after consulting a priest or an astrologer. Gokarna is a powerful place where all evil effects are removed. Shanmukha, Rudra, Durga and Narasimha are worshiped in this Seva, who will remove the bad effects of any witchcraft or black magic.


  • Improvements in personal life
  • Restores confidence
  • Evil forces are driven away

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