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Kalady Mana is a very old lineage of Brahmin priests, who were blessed by Lord Surya himself and given the Samhitas that delineated hitherto unknown methods. Hence the liniage was called Surya Kalady Suryan Bhattathiri. Lord Surya is their Guru (teacher) and Maha Ganapati is their Upasana Murthy.

Surya Kalady Maha Ganapati

Maha Ganapati is worshipped in Surya Kalady Suryan Bhattathiri Liniage as Beeja Maha Ganapati having ten hands and accompanied by his wife. The procedure followed in their practices differ greatly from others. Lord Surya is invoked in a lamp and worshipped and many other rituals are observed while performing the Maha Ganapati Homa.

Some of the special Homas performed by Surya Kalady Suryan Bhattathiri Liniage are Surya Kalady Maha Ganapati Homa, Ganapati Prathal with Ganapati Homa, Saptaha Maha Mrityunjaya Homa, Bhumi Puja with Sapata Shuddhi Kriya among many others. As a part of the Griha Pravesha(House warming) Ganapati Homa and Bhagavati Seva are conducted. Shilanyasam for homes and factories are another expertise.


Pujas Offered

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