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Vid. Thrivikraman Adikal is the Chief priest (Pradhana Archakar) of Kodungalloor Bhagawathi Temple by inheritance and has been serving the temple for more than Quarter Century. He is well accomplished in traditional Kerala style religious practices that have been handed down for generations. Being a Shakti Aradhaka, he is adept in performing various Pujas and Homas that can solve many problems devotees face in life. Fore fathers of Sri Thrivikraman Adikal have performed these pujas and homas to the benefit of followers of Bhagavati temple. The presiding deity of Bhadrakali is believed to have been installed by Lord Parashurama and the five Sri Chakras in the temple are said to be installations by Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya.


Pujas Offered

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