Brahmasree Edamana N. Damodaran Potty

Brahmasree Edamana N Damodaran Potty, a former Sabarimala Melsanthi is a highly learned scholar with expertise in Vedic studies and Puja- Prayoga procedures. Being a Kerala Namboodiri priest, he has been performing Pujas, Homas for many and suggesting Pariharas in order to overcome the problems of life revolving around health, prosperity, marriage, children and related issues.

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Mrityunjaya Homa is a performance of great significance and finds mentio... Know more

15000 Kukke Subrama..

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Uma- Maheshwara being considered as ideal couple, one performing Uma Mah... Know more

15000 Thirumananjer..

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Swayamvara Puja is a traditional practice performed to remove the obstac... Know more

15000 Rameshwaram,K..

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Bhagavati Seva is a traditional procedure involving Padmam drawing, Avah... Know more

15000 Kodagallur Bh..

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As one reaches the age completion of sixty years, seventy years, eighty ... Know more

15000 Any...

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Sudarshana Homa is effective remedy to take on unseen, unknown enemies a... Know more

25000 Rameshwaram

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Tila homa is performed to settle souls in peace and comes as a saviour o... Know more

10000 Gokarna,Srira..

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