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Satyanarayana Katha | Pooja | Vrat

Sri Satyanarayan Pooja Vrat is performed with the Sankalpam (Resolve) to Lord Vishnu in the form of Sri Satya Narayana Swamy, seeking his benevolence to remove all the obstacles and negative forces and lead to victory or success in all the endeavours. Sri Satyanarayan Vrat is performed with Puja offerings and Satyanarayan Katha is recited. This Vrat is also observed after important events like Gruhapravesha, beginning of new ventures, marriage or after successful completion of major events.

Satyanarayan Puja Vrat is said to be capable of yielding Chaturvidha Kaamyas (Also known as four types of Purusharthas) like acquiring wealth, prosperity, harmony in family and success in life.

Satya Narayan Puja is recommended for business or career growth and can be performed on any day. Auspicious dates like Yekadashi and Purnima of any month are the most preferred ones. You can also perform Satya Narayana Puja in the evenings.

Poornima dates in 2020 are mentioned below:

10 Jan; 08 Feb; 09Mar; 08 Apr; 07 May; 06 June; 05 July; 03 Aug; 02 Sept; 02 Oct; 31 Oct; 30 Nov; 30 Dec


Pureprayer provides a complete guidance on the performance of the ‘Satyanarayan Puja Vrat’ (Satya Narayan Katha). Our Pandits and Purohits performing Satyanarayana Puja are multi-lingual and can speak English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi etc.

Our Service Assurance

  • Pandit/Purohit services for all requirements in Bangalore performed by Gurukul certified Vedic scholars who can speak and communicate in your language like English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu etc
  • Expertise in Pujas, Homas, Pariharas, Rites and rituals, Shodash Samskars
  • Punctuality in delivering Purohit services

Our Service Includes

  • Selection of a place or a Kshetra for the ceremony
  • Selection of an appropriate Purohit (Iyer, Iyengar, Madhwa, Smartha etc) for the ceremony
  • Puja Samagri along with other arrangements at the venue
  • Multi-lingual Purohits

Request for Service

You can perform Satyanarayan Puja Vrat in your residence, workplace or in any convention hall. Note: Catering or ‘Prasadam’ preparations at site or delivery on request.
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