Greatness of the Hindu religion is that not only it grooms and nurtures the society but it also gives solutions to save the weakest links between the individuals / families and the society. People may face problems in life due to vairous reasons. In such situations, some people may develop a negative approach towards life which aggravates the problem further. Instead, the onus should be on finding the right way out. The below listed sevas are the best testimonials for the saying: 'every problem has a solution'.

Navagraha Shanti is the puja planned and performed based on the planetary p.. Know more


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Lord Shiva is known as Mrityunjaya due to the divine presence of Lord Naras.. Know more


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Mrityunjaya Homa is a performance of great significance and finds mention i.. Know more

15000 - 42000 Rameshwara..

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Lord Rudra is known as Abhishekapriya as he loves Abhisheka or anointment w.. Know more

150000 Gokarna,Ga..

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As one reaches the age completion of sixty years, seventy years, eighty yea.. Know more

15000 My Location

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Nagabali or Ashleshabali  Puja is performed not to just absolve onesel.. Know more

10000 Gokarna,Sh..

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