Aaruppadai Veedu

Aruppadai Veedu Yatra is something that is sacred and very close to the hearts of devotees and followers of Murugan (Lord Subrahmanya). Aruppadai Veedu are the places where Murugan conducted campaign against demon king “Surapadman” and defeated him. This is popular as Surasamharam. In honor of Murugan’s victory, temples of Murugan have been built in six sacred places are Palani, Swamimalai, Thiruttani, Thiruchendur and Palamudircholai and Thirupparamkundram of Tamil Nadu state.

The antiquity of the celebrations of Surasamharam performed, can be understood from the fact that they are mentioned in such old texts like Shilappadikaram.

Surapadma, Simhamukha and Tarakasura were the sons of the Sage Kashyapa and Surasa. Surapadma was defeated by Murugan, but seeking forgiveness for his sins, Surapadma was granted the honor of becoming his carrier, a peacock. 

Followers of Murugan practice visiting all the Aaruppadaiveedu temples every year for benevolence and blessings of Lord Subrahmanya. Pureprayer is presenting this Aaruppadaiveedu Yatra for you. The seven-Day Yatra consists of visiting not only these Murugan temples, but also other important sacred and ancient places en-route.

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