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Vedas state that every Hindu should perform Yajjnas in their lifetime. As this may not be financially viable for all, our Rishis (Sages) suggested that visiting Thirtha Kshetras (Sacred places) and cleansing oneself and performing Shraddh karmas (religious rites) yield the same results as performing Yajjnas. Travelling to these Thirtha Kshetras to perform religious rites is called ‘Tirtha Yatra’ or simply, ‘Yatra’.

Pureprayer offers you customized Yatra packages to various Tirth Kshetras or holy destinations across India.  We organize the travel, accommodation, pujas and temple visits as per your requirements during the Yatra. We also organize guided group tours on request.

Call us on +91 81510 02255 or WhatsApp WA +91 99008 21000 to learn more.

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