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    Spiritual development or attainment is the ultimate goal of yoga. Yoga is meant for leading the aspirant to liberation which is the real purpose of human life. Mundane or material pursuits will not lead one to eternal bliss. As the story of Sage Narada reminds us- Sage Narada had mastered all Apara vidyas of his time. But he had no contentment. An empty feeling still haunted him. Finally he went to Sage Sanatkumara. It was this great sage who taught Narada that without Paravidya education is incomplete. Narada then went on to master Paravidya and became the great sage as we know him today. Yoga is the only path that guarantees both material and spiritual success. As mentioned earlier yoga does not shun material progress. While aiming for the stars yoga has its feet firmly grounded on the earth. Remember what Swami Vivekananda once said. If there is a God, life is not worth living if you don’t find him. If there is no God, then also life is not worth living. In Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna exhorts Arjuna to choose the royal path of Raja yoga. It is the royal path charted by great masters that form the bedrock of the teachings of Sivasakthi Yogavidya Kendram. The path now beckons and you may count yourself lucky that you have become a part of it. Great roles and responsibilities await you. May the blessings of God and the great Masters be with you.

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