Navgraha Temple Darshan

Around Kumbakonam, in Tamilnadu, there are the Navgraha Temples (Planetary Temples). Many devotees believe that the planetary transit brings about change in people's well- being and fortunes for better or worse. According to the mythology, worship of these planets can get immense benefits or one can rectify deficiencies and it gives us great relief or propitiation (Dosha Pariharam).

Itinerary :

Day 1 : Arrival Chennai, drive to Kumbakonam (284 kms / approx. 6 hours drive)

Day 2 : Kumbakonam / Suryanar Temple (Sun) / Agniswarar Temple, Kanjanur (Sukran) / Thirunageswaram (Rahu) / Kumbakonam

Day 3 : Kumbakonam / Thingalur Shiva Temple (Chandra) / Abathsahyeswarar Temple, Alangudi (Guru) / Angarakan Mangala Bhagwan Temple (Mars Temple) / Kumbakonam

Day 4 : Kumbakonam ? Tirunallar Temple (Sani) / Nagannathaswamy Temple, Keezhaperumapallam (Kethu) / Swetharanyeswarar Temple, Thiruvenkadu (Budha) / Kumbakonam

Day 5 : Kumbakonam / Chennai Departure (284 kms / approx. 6 hours journey)

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