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Religion is a cultural system of behaviors, practices, rituals and ethics. It is an important aspect of any healthy society and it helps develop a sense of belonging and provides an identity for each individual. With the onset of modernization and the pace at which the world is moving, people may not find time to connect with their religion, with their spiritual side, while the desire to do so still exists. Generation X is hooked on to apps, gadgets and technology. So, expecting the current generation to make time to visit a place of worship is an arduous task. It is time that the Religious, or Spiritual organizations leverage Technology to reach to its masses.

Spiritual Products Pvt. Ltd, has developed ‘Pureprayer‘ a Digital Platform (App & Web), which has been designed not only to connect all Hindu religious organizations (Temples, mutts, ashrams etc) but also provides an online Puja Service site and platform for people to avail all religious and spiritual needs under one roof.

Our motto is ‘connecting devotees to divine’ through the help of technology. It allows for people with a desire to connect with their inner spiritual side to explore, connect and follow a religious institution or a deity of their choice.

PurePrayer app helps bridge the Information gap between the religious institutions and the devotees, providing a platform for any place of worship to easily share information, provide details on the institutions history, social, cultural and religious activities in an instant on the mobile platform. All religious content, be it, audio, video or any spiritual content related to these places of worship is made available seamlessly on PurePrayer. The Pooja App and the web platform has been designed in a way which is easy to use for any age group. Apart from the information on the religious institutions and services. PurePrayer is also a marketplace for Purohits, Astrologers, Travel partners, Accommodation and Hospitality partners, Tour operators and a wide variety of participants connected in the spiritual world of service providers.

PurePrayer  as a Puja App is your authentic source of information on the religious institutions as all material on the platform is directly sourced from the institution with their full blessings and permission and the content reviewed and curated by a team of in-house experts. PurePrayer brings you religious material in the form of audio, video and eBook format for your viewing, listening or reading experience.

You can find the following list of services and service providers on Pureprayer:
  • Temples, temple online service bookings, timings, location, contacts, dress code, history etc.
  • Purohits & puja services
  • Special pujas, homas and religious services to be conducted at temples, Kshetras, homes or offices
  • Astrologers and astro services like Kundali, Parihara recommendations, Horoscopes etc
  • Customized and guided Spiritual journeys or Yatras to temples and kshetras across India & beyond
  • PureShop, a vendor ecommerce market place for businesses offering spiritual products
  • Self managed administration system for content management and distribution
  • Secure payment gateways with multiple modes of payments for ease of transactions
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