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Pandit For Bhima Ratha Shanti – 70th Birthday

PurePrayer provides best and highly meritorious Vedic Pandits for performing Bhima Ratha Shanti or 70th Birthday in your residence and offers important Kshetras for performing the Pujas, Homam or Havan.

You can consult our astrologers for all your Puja needs and to plan the event well in advance. We offer highly hygienic and sanitized Homa Kuteera or Kshetra destinations to choose for a safe and satisfactory puja. We can conduct the puja through a video call or perform puja at a Kshetra on your behalf and send you a video of the puja.

What is Bhima Ratha Shanti?

Bhima Ratha Shanti is performed when the male completes 69 years and enters into the 70th year. The couples worship the lord praying for good health and longevity and offer Pujas, Homas and perform Shanti Pujas to remedy any planetary issues as suggested by the astrologer. Bhima Ratha Shanti is usually performed by the couple’s children or relatives. This is considered as a very important and valuable period and hence the offerings/homam is done to overcome obstacles, to gain long life and attain good health.

Vedas mention Shantikarya Pooja ceremonies, Sampradaayas suggest rituals to be performed at specific ages of an individual, seeking good health-wellness and protection. Each one of these Shanti Karyas have prescribed specific deities, Kshetras in specific locations. The drill down even gives the details like unique flower, herbs, number of Ahuti (offerings during Homam) through which we can attract the cosmic energy and seek benevolence.

Bhima Ratha Shanthi (Also popular as 70 years Shanthi) is celebrated by members of the family and relatives by performing Ayul Shanthi homams and Kalasa abhishekam, which is believed to improve the life longevity of the couple and gives them the strength and good health.  This will also give the couple a boost in their spiritual progress, washing away their past sins and bad Karmas.

The ceremony which consists of a family deity pooja followed by 9 homasafter which the couples exchange the garlands. These are the joyous times to thank the creator for giving a healthy and trouble-free life through Bheema Ratha Shanti.

Bheema Ratha Shanti Pujas begin with Mangala Snanam, visit to the temple, performing Gaja Pooja and Gau Pooja (Cow Puja). After sankalpam, Homams are performed by the priests. Ganapati Homam, Lakshmi homa, Mirthunjaya Homam, Ayushya Homam, Navagraha Homam, Nakshathra Homam and Dhanvanthri Homam are some of the suggested Fire-Lab activities. Holy water stored in Kalash is poured on the head of the couple all the relatives and friends. At the end of the ceremony, Mangala-Sutra is tied by the Kartru to his spouse. The couple then participates in giving away Dakshinas and clothes. The acharyas and the ritviks who conducted the Shanti homam are given Daanas to express gratitude for their service. Annadaana is conducted as a foremost part in this ritual.

Book the best Vedic Pandits with PurePrayer for Bhima Ratha Shanti

Bhima Ratha Shanti

Benefits of Bheema ratha shanthi

  • Worship for longevity and relief from physical diseases
  • Mental and physical stability and peace
  • Appeasement of Kula-Devata, Ishta Devata and other deities for protection
  • Prayers for desire fulfillment of the whole family 

PurePrayer is India’s best online puja platform and an Official Partner for Govt. Of Karnataka for Online Pujas and Sevas bookings in Muzrai Temples. PurePrayer offers best Pandits in Bangalore services for your home and office Puja needs.

Our Service Assurance:

Pureprayer offers Sathabhishekam Puja service at the temple, performed by Vedic Priests and scholars (Tamil Vadhyars) who can speak multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etc. Our representative will be present all along to guide you upon arrival. The package also includes the Purohit charges & Puja Samagri.

Service Includes:

  • Astrology support to help devotees with puja related queries
  • All transfers from devotee location to Temple and local transportation in AC vehicles
  • Transparent puja pricing and explanation of procedures
  • Booking of Budget or Luxury accommodation at location
  • Leisure and sightseeing trips (on-request)
  • Sattvik food
Book the best & experienced Pandits from PurePrayer for the Seventy years Bhima Ratha Shanti

Bhima Ratha Shanti (&0th Birthday Shanti)

Bheema Ratha Shanti Puja Samagri List

  1. Haridra (Haldi Powder) 100 gm
  2. Kumkum 50 gm
  3. Haldi Sticks 100 gm
  4. Sandal Powder 1 No
  5. Betel Nuts 100 gm
  6. Bhasmam (Vibhuthi) 1 Pack
  7. Cycle Agarbathis
  8. Cycle Match Box
  9. Sambrani 50 gm
  10. Karpooram (Camphor) 100 gm
  11. Ghritam (Cow Ghee) 1/2 Litre
  12. Deepam Oil 200 ml
  13. Akshata Rice 100 gm
  14. Rangoli Powder 1 Pack
  15. Honey 50 gm
  16. Ganga Jalam
  17. Panchagavya
  18. Pannir
  19. Cashew Nuts 50gm
  20. Raisins (Kismiss) 50 gm
  21. Dry Dates (Karjuram) 100 gm
  22. Jaggery 500 gm
  23. White Towel 1
  24. Blouse Piece 1
  25. Silk Vastram 1
  26. Cotton Thread
  27. Red Wool Thread
  28. Cotton Wicks
  29. Kankanam
  30. Peethas 2 Nos
  31. Elachi
  32. Jaji
  33. Japatri
  34. Pacchi Karpooram
  35. Saffron
  36. Dalchini (Cinnamon)
  37. Lavangam (Cloves)
  38. Kasturi
  39. Gorojanam
  40. Navaratnam 1 Set
  41. Pancha loham 1 Set
  42. Dry Coconut
  43. Vattiveru
  44. Navadhanyam Mix 100 gm
  45. Homa Dravyam 200 gm
  46. White Mustard Seeds 50 gm
  47. Black Til 200 gm
  48. Darbha (Durva Grass)
  49. Pavitram
  50. Kurcha

Frequently asked Questions On Bhima Ratha Shanthi

When to Perform Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja?

The Bhima Ratha Shanthi should be performed in the month of birth of the birth Star at the beginning of the 70th year or when the year 69 is completed.

What is the Significance and benefits of Bhima Ratha Shanthi?

  • It is performed as a Pariharam (remedy) for any type of illness, health problems and bless the couple with great strength and long life.
  • This ceremony eliminates all kinds of bad karma and the Lord blesses you with a long and happy life together.
  • We can help with booking of a Pandit / Iyer for Bhima Ratha Shanthi online. All Pooja Samagri will be brought by Purohit. All pandits are well experienced and have studied Vedic Pathshala.

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  • Karthik
    December 27, 2021

    We performed the Bhima Ratha Shanti of our parents in Udupi at our residence recently with the help of it was conducted very smoothly with Mr.Joshi and Mr. Chetan co-ordinating all the aspects seamlessly including ensuring The purohits were available and the items required for the event. All these happened within 3-4 days. The Pooja procedures were done in a very traditional way and we all felt blessed.

    Thanks to pure prayer, Mr.Joshi and Mr.Chetan for this memorable event.

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