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If you are looking for a Pandit Ji, Purohit, Vadhyar or a Pujari to perform any Pujas, Homam or Havans at your home or any location of your choice, look no further. Pureprayer brings you the Purohit service to your door-step.

All you need to do is call our customer support center, login to our website or mobile App and send a request for the type of Purohit, Date & Time along with the Puja or Homam particulars. Our team will work on your request and arrange for the best Purohit to meet your schedules and Puja needs.

Pureprayer has on-boarded a number of Purohits, who come from various Gurukuls, proficient in Vedic rituals, Agama shastras with excellent knowledge on the procedures and performance of the Puja rituals. We have classified our purohits based on their sect (Brahmin, Madhwa, Iyer, Iyengar, North Indian etc.), by their language proficiency (Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi etc) and by their expertise such as Pujas & Homas or Apara Karmas such as Shraddh rituals.

Our Purohit services come with multiple options to suit your needs.  We can offer a hassle-free service, wherein the Purohit brings along all the Puja samagris (materials) including required, idols, Samithu, Homa dravya, fruits & flowers accompanied by multiple Purohits if more Japas are involved or as per the Puja or Homa requirements.

On normal days, other than the festive days, we ensure that the Purohit(s) arrive at scheduled timings and complete the Puja ritual as per established practices.  We can also arrange for preparation of Prasadam and lunch after the Puja at your location at additional costs as per your needs.  Currently we offer Purohit services across Bangalore, Chennai, Mysore, Pune, Mumbai area.

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