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Book Experienced Vedic Oriya Pandit in Hyderabad | Pujari in Hyderabad | Purohit in Hyderabad for Ceremonies & Pujas

Book Vedic & Experienced Oriya Pandit in Hyderabad for all Ceremonies, Homas, Pujas, Pariharas, Rites & Rituals.

PurePrayer offers the best of Vedic and experienced Oriya Pandit in Hyderabad Metro and the nearby localities. They are highly trained in the tradition of Odishaand Puja-Havan procedure. Book for the best online OdiaPandit in Hyderabad with PurePrayer.

PurePrayer offers seamless, hassle-free Odia Purohit in Hyderabad Services for online Puja bookings for all types of customized Pujas, Homas, Pariharas, Pakshamaas, Shraddha karmas and ShodashSamskars.

Our support teams provide you with an end-to-end service:

We offer Oriya Pandit and Purohit in Hyderabad services in Online format, Offline format and Remote format.  All our pandits are highly qualified professionals,highly trained in traditions, thorough in Vedic scriptures and principles of performing Pujas, Homas, Pariharas, Rites, Rituals, ShodashSamskars and many more.

Our Oriyapandits can also provide remote online services for the pujas via video calling (skype, whatsapp, zoom etc.).

Our OdiyaPandit in Hyderabad services are available in Hyderabad Metro and Hyderabad localities like, Begumpet, Gandipet, Gachibowli, Hi-tech city, Lingampally, Madhapur, Narasapur, Film city, Banjara Hills, Nagaram, Secunderabad, Tirumalgherry and many more.

Book Oriya Purohit in Hyderabad for Pujas & Havans

PurePrayer offer the best of Vedic and experienced Oriya Purohit in Hyderabad. They are highly trained in Utkala tradition and Puja-Havan procedure.

Book excellent Vedic Odia Pandits for GruhaPratistha, Bastu Shanti (Vastu Santi), TulasiPratishtha,Bratopanayan(Upanayan/ Janeu),LagnaDhara (Engagement), Bibhaghara(Marriage), Ekoishia Puja, ChandiPatha, Satya Narayan mela, AkhndalamaniMela, TariniMela, TrinathMela, PanchananaMela, ShanischaraMela or Shani Mela, Sabitri Puja, SudashaBrata, Ananta Brata, Kartika Puja, Durga Puja, Laxmi Puja, Ganesha Puja, Saraswati Puja, Khadi chhuan, Shraddhha Puja and many other Pujas, Havans, ceremonies and festivals.

Book Vedic OdiaPurohit in Hyderabad from Odisha

Book the best Vedic Odia Purohit in Hyderabad or Utkala Pandit from Odisha for all your religious needs from Pureprayer.

We at PurePrayer understand the subtle religious and ethnic differences and have identified and been working with pandits, priests and purohits who can cater to all such regional and ritualistic differences.  We have the best experienced andVedic Oriyapandits in Hyderabad. We can arrange for a call with the Oriya or Utkalapandit of your choice, who in turn can provide the Pujari Services on the puja, parihara and the best mahurats for the puja to be performed.

Book expert OriyaPandit in Hyderabad for Ceremonies

Book the best Vedic and experienced OriyaPandit in Hyderabad for ceremonies in your household. Pureprayer offers specialized and highly experienced OdiaPandits to perform pujas.

Celebrate festivals like BakulaAmabasya (BaulaAmabasya), Sankat Chaturthi, Dola, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dashara,Biswakarma Puja and many more in Oriya traditions with OriyaPandit in Hyderabad.

Celebrate MelaPujans like TariniMela, TrinathMela, PanchananaMela,Sani Mela and many more with best OriyaPandits from Pureprayer.

Oriya Pandit in Hyderabad for GrihaPratishta Puja

Book the best Oriya Pandit in Hyderabad from PurePrayer for performing GrihaPratishta Puja.

GrihaPratishta or GrihaPravesha Puja is that auspicious occasion you and your family will be eagerly planning and looking forward to take up right from the day one of building your own nest. With ourOdia Priest to perform your dream home housewarming, you would be having the best GruhaPravesham experience. In Vaastu Shastra it’s believed that the home itself is a living being.

Oriya Pandit in Hyderabad for Ekoishia Puja

Book the best Oriya Pandit in Hyderabad from PurePrayer for performing Ekoishia Puja.

The twenty first day after the childbirth calls for a celebration among the Oriya community. This is known as Ekoishia Puja or Ekusia Puja. Ekusia is performed to welcome the baby into the family. Naamkaran or the naming ceremony for the baby is performed. Father of the baby whispers the baby’s name in the right ear.

Oriya Pandit for Khadi Chuan

Book the best OriyaPandit in Hyderabadfrom PurePrayer for performing Khadi Chuan Puja.

Khadi chhuan (Touching-writing the slate with chalk) or Vidyarambh is introduction of children to the world of wisdom initiated by the VediOriyaPandit. This is usually performed on the auspicious day of Saraswati Puja during Sharadiya Navaratri. Some practitioners advise the day of Ganesh Chaturthi for Khadi Chuan. Vasant Panchami is another suggested time for Vidyarambh. Trinity Gods invoked to initiate children into studies.

Odia Pandit in Hyderabad for Navaratri Durga Puja in Ashvinamaas 2022

Book &Perform Durga Puja this Navaratri with experienced Vedic OdiaPandit in Hyderabad for a hassle-free experience and best pricing.

Durga Puja Date and Muhurat:

Sharadiya Navaratri date for Durga Puja is from September 26, 2022 to October 09, 2022. Muhurat for KalashaSthapana is between sunrise and 09:58 am on 26th September, 2022.

Oriya Pandit in Hyderabad to Perform DeepabaliLaxmi Pooja

Book the best Vedic OriyaPandit of your tradition in advance from PurePrayer for performing DeepabaliLaxmi Pooja during Diwali.

Dhanteras Laxmi Pooja Date in 2022

Dhanteras whichi is also known as DhanTrayodashi is an important festival celebrated in India. In 2022, Dhanteras Thithi is on October 23, 2022. Puja Mahurat is in the evening at 5:48 pm.

Frequently Asked Questions on Oriya Pandit in Hyderabad

Do I get a reliable OriyaPandit service with proper credentials?

All our Pandits and Purohits are background screened and expertise verified for satisfactory and successful completion of Puja service you will be contracting with us.

Will I know about the OriyaPandit visiting me before hand?

Our support team will discuss in detail with you and the Pandit about the Puja service you may be looking for. As a result of these discussions, you would have the knowledge of the Pandit visiting you for performing the Pooja.

Is theOdiyaPanditji available with Pooja Samagri?

Our Pandit or Purohit service includes Pooja Samagri. You can discuss the Puja needs when you contact our Support team.

Do I get to know the Pooja Samagri the OdiyaPandit may bring?

Every Pooja need has been carefully researched and mapped for the required Puja Samagri. You can talk to our Support team for your special requirements.

Do I need to register my details for the OriyaPandit in Hyderabad service?

The advantages of registering with your profile details would be the ease of pursuing services in future.

Can I also seek Astrology support for my Puja?

You can consult our learned and scholarly Vedic astrologers for all your Puja bookings.

Can I pay for the Pandit/Purohit services after the Pooja?

You can discuss the matters of payment for the services when you contact our support team.

Do I need to make extra Dakshina payment to the Pandit/Purohith?

You may not have to make any extra payment as Dakshina.

How do I pay for the Pandit services?

There are different UPI service arrangements available with us like, the card payments, GooglePay, Phonepe, NEFT and others. Our support Team would interact with you for a hassle-free transaction.

What Pooja Materials would be brought by Panditji?

Our Pandit will make arrangements to get the Pooja materials for Pooja service you may be taking up with us. On the other hand, if you do not desire this support, a Pooja Samagri List will be made available at the time of booking of the Puja service.

How do I ensure the arrival of Panditji to the Pooja venue?

Our Support team will be in touch with you once the Puja service has been booked. They will provide support till the completion of the Pooja.

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