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Book Vedic Pandit in Bangalore for Pujas & Homas

PurePrayer is India’s Best online puja platform and an Official Partner for Govt. Of Karnataka for online pujas and sevas bookings in Muzrai Temples. PurePrayer offers best Pandits in Bangalore services for your home and office Puja needs. We have Best Vedic Hindi Pandits, Bengali Purohits, Bihari pandit, Oriya Pandit, Marathi Gurujis,Tamil Vadhyars, or Priests from different sects, languages like Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Bihari, Oriya, Gujarati, Rajasthani and more.

Book Hindi pandit from Pureprayer for all occasons

Hindi Pandit performing Ganapati Havan

Book Pandit in Bangalore

PurePrayer offers seamless, Pandit in Bangalore Services for online Puja bookings for all Types of Customized Pujas, Homas, Pariharas, Pakshamaas, Shraddha karmas and ShodashaSamskaras. Our support teams provide you with an end-to-end service:

Book Vedic Pandit for Mahalaya Pitru Paksh 2021

PurePrayer provides Vedic Pandit, Panthulu, Purohit or Pujari of your tradition, who can perform the Mahalaya Pitru Paksh Shradh Pujas in your tradition at Gaya, Gokarna, Haridwar, Kashi (Varanasi), Rameswaram, Srirangapatna, Trimbkeshwar and many other locations of India.

PurePrayer and its support team can help you find the right priest and perform Mahalaya Pitru Paksha Shradh in your traditions during this season of Mahalaya Pitru Paksh 2021.


We offer Pandit in Bangalore services in ‘Online format’, ‘Offline format’ and ‘Remote format’.  All our pandits are highly qualified professionals, highly trained in traditions, thorough in Vedic scriptures and principles of performing Pujas, Homas, Pariharas, Rites, Rituals, Shodash Samskars and more.

Pandit for Puja in Bangalore | Best Pandit ji in Bangalore for Parihara Puja

PurePrayer provides best Pandit in Bangalore, for all your Puja, Homa, rituals and ceremonies. We offer the services of choicest Aryavyshya Purohits, Bengali Pandit, Bihari Pandit, Gujarathi Pandit, Hindi Purohit, Kannada Pandit, Kannada Lingayat Purohits, Malayalam Pandit, Marathi Guruji, North Indian Pandit, Oriya Pandit, Rajasthani Pandit, Tamil Vadhyar, Telugu Pandit or Panthulu, for performing marriage, engagement, Bhoomi puja, Griha Pravesh and office inaugurals. Pandits and Purohits are available for performing any ceremonies like Aksharabhyas, Upanayanam, Brahmopadesham, Vivah samskar, Sreemantham, Shashtiyabda poorthi, and many more are available with us.

We are the best online service providers for Pandits for Puja in Bangalore for all your Puja and Homas services. Reach our Support team for your needs of best Andhra-Telangana Purohits, Tamil Vadhyars, Tamil Aiyyars, Tamil Iyengars, Maayalam Iyers, Malayalam Namboothiris and more.

Best Pandit in Bangalore

Vedic Pandit Performing Puja

Hindi Pandit in Bangalore | North Indian Pandit in Bangalore for Pujas & Homas

Book for the best Hindi Pandit in Bangalore with PurePrayer. We offer Puja and Homa services by professional Hindi Purohits and North Indian Pandits in and around Bangalore. Our Hindi pandits in Bangalore are highly trained in traditions of North India, Vedic scriptures and procedures of performing Pujas, Homas, Pariharas, Rites & Rituals, Shodash Samskars, Panchayatan and more.

Book for the best North Indian Pandit in Bangalore with PurePrayer. We offer Puja and Homa services by professional Bengali, Bihari, Hindi, Odiya (Oriya), Pandits and Purohits in and around Bangalore.

Book the best Hindi pandit from Pureprayer for pujas

Hindi Pandit prforming Dhanvantari Havan

Our Hindi Pandit and Purohit services include, arriving at the right Mahurats (muhuratam) for performing ceremonies like Naamkaran, Annaprashan, Bhoomi Poojan,  Griha Pravesh, Sagai (engagement), Janoi (upanayanam), Marriage ceremonies, performing Kundali milan (horoscope matching), Godh Bharai (baby shower), Sashtiapthapoorthi (60th Birthday), 70 years Shanthi, 80 years Shanthi, havan-homas such as Chandi homa, Chandi Paath, Durga havan, Durga paath, Pratyangira homa, Lakshmi Kubera homa, Sudharshana homa, Swayamvara Parvati homa, Navagraha homa and Japas (Jaap) among many other pujas. We also provide Hindi pandit in Bangalore for office and corporate pujas for new office opening or existing ones.

We have a team of Vedic and experienced Hindi Purohits in Bangalore and North Indian Pandit in Bangalore for rituals and pujas like Bhai dooj, Chatth Puja, Durga Puja, Kadva Chauth, Teej (Gauri Puja), Havan, Marriage, Pidiya, Raamnavami, Sagai, Pitri Pujas, and many others.

Pandit for Griha Pravesh, Pandit for Satyanarayana Puja, are just a few of our popular Pujas sought by devotees.

Book Hindi Pandit in Bangalore

Purohit In Bangalore | Bengali Purohit in Bangalore for all Types of Pujas & Homas

We offer the best of Vedic and experienced Bengali Purohit in Bangalore. They are highly trained in Bengali tradition and Puja-Havan procedure. Sostipuja performed after the baby is born, Naam Koron (naming ceremony), Griho Probesh, Bibaha (marriage), Jonmodin ceremony, Santisbastyayana are just a few examples from the array of Pujas.

PurePrayer offers best Bengali Purohit in Bangalore for any pujas including Griha Pravesh puja, Bagulamukhi Puja, Lakhi Pujo (Lakshmi Puja), Saraswati puja etc.

We have best Bengali Priest in Bangalore for Durga puja, Kali puja, PitriPokkho, Solah Shraddha, Mahalaya Paksha and many more. Our Bengali Purohit in Bangalore services include, fixing the Mahurats for Griho Probesh, Jotok milan (horoscope matching), Sagai (engagement), Marriage ceremonies, Lakho Pujo, Poita (upanayanam), Naamkoron, havan-homas such as Chandi havan, Durga havan, Durga paath, Pratyangira homa, Lakshmi Kubera homa, Sudharshana homa, Swayamvara Parvati homa, Navagraha homa and Japas among many other pujas.

Book Bengali Pandit in Bangalore


Telugu Purohit In Bangalore | Andhra purohits in bangalore

Book the best Telugu Purohit in Bangalore for all your religious needs. We offer the Andhra-Telangana Panthulu or Pandits to perform Pujas, Homas and ceremonies of Naamakaranam, Anna Prashanam, Aksharabhyasam (Barsala), Vivaham (Marriage ceremony) and many other Telugu traditional festivals, Vrats and Poojas.

Book the best Telugu Purohit in Bangalore with Pureprayer

Best Telugu Purohit in Bangalore

Our Telugu Purohit in Bangalore can help you perform Homas for prosperity and wealth, education, good work-life, marriage and child related Homas, longevity and good health. We even have expert South Indian Telugu Pandits for performing Parihara Homas for the difficult situations in life. We offer the services of excellent Telugu Pujari in Bangalore for Vrat Pujas to be conducted in your residences, offices and business places. Our Andhra-Telangana Purohits or Telugu Purohits have undergone rigorous education and training in prestigious Veda Paatha Shaala, needed for carrying out these religious Purva Prayogas. You can opt for the most suited Andhra Purohit in Bangalore by reaching our Support team. You can also hammer out the tradition requirement details after consultations with us. We also offer office and corporate pujas and Homas for new office opening or existing ones.

Book Telugu Pandit in Bangalore

Book Bihari Pandit in Bangalore | Bengali Pandit for Parihara Pujas

We offer the best of experienced Bihari Pandit in Bangalore, and Bengali pandit in Bangalore. We have the best vedic Maithili Pandits in Bangalore, the best Jha Pandit in Bangalore, Oriya Pandit in Bangalore, and the best of Bihari Pandit Ji in Bangalore for rituals and pujas like Bhai dooj, Chatth Puja, Durga Puja, Kadva Chauth, Teej (Gauri Puja), Havan, Marriage, Pidiya, Raamnavami, Sagai, Pitri Pujas, and many others.

Book the best Bihar Pandit from Pureprayer

Bihari Pandit performing Griha Pravesh

Pandit for Griha Pravesh, Pandit for Satyanarayan Katha – Puja, are just a few of our popular Pujas sought by devotees.

Book Bihari Pandit in Bangalore

Oriya Pandit in Bangalore | Online Pandit ji 

Oriya Pandit in Bangalore is our latest addition in extending our Pandit in Bangalore services. We have offer the choicest Vedic Odiya Pandits trained in Ved Paath Shaala.

Book the best Oriya Pandit from Pureprayer

Oriya Pandit performing Lakshmi Puja

Consult our Free Astrology Services for arriving at auspicious Shubh Mahurat (Muhurtam) for marriage,  Janoi (Upanayanam), Namkaran, Srimantham, Sashtiapthapooorthi (60th Birthday), Bhimaratha (70th Birthday) and  Ugraratha Shanthi (80th Birthday), havans such as Ganapati Havan, Chandi Havan, Pratyangira Homa, Lakshmi Kubera Homa, Sudarshana Homa, Swayamvara Parvati Homa, Navagraha Homa, and Japas among many other pujas. We also offer Oriya Pandit in Bangalore for Office and corporate pujas for new office opening or existing ones.

Book Oriya Pandit in Bangalore

Pujari in Bangalore | Kannada Pujari in Bangalore

We can provide the right Kannada Purohit in Bangalore that suits your tradition to the letter. We have multi-lingual Kannada Pandits and Purohits based on traditions of Aradhya, Aravattokkalu, Dakshina Kannada, Babboorkamme, Badaganadu, Deshastha, Havyaka, Hoysala Karnataks, Kannada Iyyengars, Hassan Iyyengars, Hebbar Iyyengars (Melnaattars), Madhwa, Moogur Karnataks, Kannadakamme, Prathama Shakha, Shivalli, Seeranadu, Thenkunaadu, Thulunadu, Ulchikomme, Yeleballi Brahmins and many more.

Book the best Kannada Pujari In Bangalore

Kannada Pujari/Purohit In Bangalore

Our learned Kannada Pujaris and Purohits can perform Pujas you book for in a thorough and complete manner taking care to include the right ‘Sampradaaya’ and Paddhati to your best satisfaction. Our ‘Kannada Purohit in Bangalore’ can deliver the best in quality services. They are excellent and adept in recital of Mantras, add color to the Puja ceremony in terms of décor that makes the event more interactive, while upholding the values of tradition.

Kannada Pandit in Bangalore | Kannada Purohit In Bangalore

Our carefully chosen and well-groomed Kannada Purohit in Bangalore can deliver most niche and difficult practices of Mantra-Tantra-Pariharas as and when required in the Puja-Homa booked for. The Kannada Pandits coming to perform in your residence, office, convention hall or any other kshetras are well trained, experienced and with Vedic Pathashala background. They have undergone education with good communication skills.

Book the best of Kannada Purohits from Pureprayer

Kannada Pujari performing Gana Homa

Kannada Pandit in Bangalore deputed by can walk you through the religious procedure when needed and are good at handholding and ensuring the completion of Pujas-Homas ceremonies and rituals.

Our astrology service can help you connect with the best of astrologers to arrive at astrological solutions in every walk of life. Muhurtam for Namkaran, Annaprashan, Chudakarman, Upanayan, Vivah Samskar, Bhoomi Puja, Griha Pravesh, which require a careful study and examination are performed to select the right date and time. Auspicious dates and Lagnam for performing Homam, Havan, Yaag can be done with our scholarly astrologers. You can consult our astrologers for matters related to education, work-life, prosperity and many more.

Book Kannada Pandit in Bangalore

Tamil Vadhyar in Bangalore | Tamil Priest in Bangalore for all Pujas

PurePrayer presents Purohit Services of professional Tamil iyer Vadhyars in bangalore who are certified scholars with vast knowledge on traditions of South India and thorough in Vedic scriptures. All the Tamil Vadhyars of Pure Prayer are well experienced who have studied under masters of Vedic Pathshala.  Our Tamil Vadhyars in Bangalore are thorough in the principles of performing Pujas, Homas, Pariharas, Rites and rituals, Shodash Samskars and many more.

Avail the best Tamil Vadhyar in Bangalore with Pureprayer

Best Tamil Vadhyar in Bangalore

Tamil iyer Vadhyar in Bangalore

Avail the best Tamil Vadhyar in Bangalore, for all your Puja, Homa, rituals and ceremonies. We have lined up the services of excellent vadhyars in Bangalore for Bhoomi puja, Griha Pravesh, office inaugurals, Poonool-Munja (Upanayanam), Nischayatartham (Engagement), Thirumanam (marriage ceremonies), Punyahvaachanam (Shuddikaranam), Sreemantham (Valai Kaapu), Namakaranam (Peridal) and many Hindu festivals, ceremonies and Vratam Pujas.

Book the best Vedic Tamil Vadhyar from Pureprayer

Tamil Vadhyar performing Griha Pravesham

You can discuss your needs of your tradition, procedure like Tamil based traditions of Ashtasaahasra Brahmins, Brihaccaranam Brahmins, Nallan Brahmins, different sects of Aiyyar (Iyers) and Aiyengars (Iyyengars), Shivadhwaja, Shivananbi, Vadhima or Vathima, Hebbar, Mandyam, Pancharatrar Vaikhanasa, Ekadashi, Tengalai, Vadagalai, Nallan, Bhattacharya, Marudurar Brahmins and many more.

Book Tamil Pandit in Bangalore

Guruji in Bangalore | Marathi Guruji in Bangalore

You can now book Marathi Guruji in Bangalore for all your needs of religious services.

We provide Marathi Guruji for ‘Barsem’ (Naming ceremony) performed on the twelfth day after childbirth, ‘Dohalejevan’ (Sreemantham or baby shower of the modern day practice), Chudakarma (Jawala), Akshararambh (beginning of education to kids), Upanayan or Brahmopadesh (Munja or Maunjikaran).

You can book our Marathi Guruji for special observances of Vrats like Vara Lakshmi, Vat Savitri, Nag Panchami, Mangala Gauri by Marathi women. Pandits are available for Vrats like Satya Narayan Puja or Katha, Anant Chaturdashi important to the Marathi community.

Book Marathi Pandit in Bangalore

PurePrayer offer Best Pandit for Last Rites & Rituals in Bangalore and across India

Pandit for Last Rites & Rituals

Best Astrology Services :

You can consult our astrology services for every need like auspicious Lagnam or date, to join your kid in school, ground breaking ceremony, Aksharabhyasam, Chaulam (first hair removal), and many other good occasion. Our astrologers can help thwart the foreseeable difficulties by examination of horoscopes and suggest remedial course of action.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pandit In Bangalore

Do I get a reliable Pandit service with proper credentials?

All our Pandits and Purohits are background screened and expertise verified for satisfactory and successful completion of Puja service you will be contracting with us.

Will I know about the Pandit visiting me before hand?

Our support team will discuss in detail with you and the Pandit about the Puja service you may be looking for. As a result of these discussions, you would have the knowledge of the Pandit visiting you for performing the Pooja.

Is the Pandit ji available with Pooja Samagri?

Our Pandit or Purohit service includes Pooja Samagri. You can discuss the Puja needs when you contact our Support team.

Do I get to know the Pooja Samagri the Pandit may bring?

Every Pooja need has been carefully researched and mapped for the required Puja Samagri. You can talk to our Support team for your special requirements.

Do I need to register my details for the Pandit in Bangalore service?

The advantages of registering with your profile details would be the ease of pursuing services in future.

Can I also seek Astrology support for my Puja?

You can consult our learned and scholarly Vedic astrologers for all your Puja bookings.

Can I pay for the Pandit/Purohit services after the Pooja?

You can discuss the matters of payment for the services when you contact our support team.

Do I need to make extra Dakshina payment to the Pandit/Purohith?

You may not have to make any extra payment as Dakshina.

How do I pay for the Pandit services?

There are different UPI service arrangements available with us like, the card payments, GooglePay, Phonepe, NEFT and others. Our support Team would interact with you for a hassle-free transaction.

What Pooja Materials would be brought by Panditji?

Our Pandit will make arrangements to get the Pooja materials for Pooja service you may be taking up with us. On the other hand, if you do not desire this support, a Pooja Samagri List will be made available at the time of booking of the Puja service.

How do I ensure the arrival of Panditji to the Pooja venue?

Our Support team will be in touch with you once the Puja service has been booked. They will provide support till the completion of the Pooja.

Our Service Assurance

  • Pandit  services in Bangalore performed by vedic scholars who can speak and communicate in your language.
  • Expertise in Pujas,Homas, Pariharas,Rites and rituals, Shodash Samskars.
  • Punctuality in delivering Purohit services.
  • Clarity in the puja performance.
  • Lucid explanation of the puja procedure.

Our Service Includes

  • Astrology support to help you with Puja, Homam and parihara related queries.
  • Arrange a call with our Purohits and Guruji to address queries related to the puja rituals.
  • Transparent Puja pricing and explanation of procedures.
  • Catering or Prasadam preparations at site or delivery available.

Enquire Now

Our Pandits and Purohits services are available in Whitefield, Hebbal, Marathalli, Sarjapur road, KR Puram, Banasavadi, Yeshwanthapuram, Rajajinagar, Malleshwaram, Jayanagar, Basavanagudi, Srinagara, Girinagara, Vijaynagar, AECS Layout, HAL, Bellandur, HSR Layout, HRBR Layout, Madiwala, Maruti Nagar, Koramangala, Indiranagar, Mahadevpura, Ramamurthy Nagar, Thanisandra and many other areas across Bangalore.


  • Rakesh Sarkar
    June 21, 2022

    I requested for an Odia purohit as per our requirements for my mother’s 1st year shradh.
    Purohit named Deepak, completed the puja very nicely & also he explained the reasons as to why it was being being.
    He was very calm and also said all the mantras very nicely.
    I am really satisfied and would recommend my friends and family members about this website.

  • S Chand
    December 1, 2021

    Thanks to the Pureprayer team for the wonderful experience. The entire process was really smooth and every little detail was thought through and well planned. Arya samaj Pandit was very well behaved and knowledgeable. We will definitely use Service here again and will recommend it to all my relatives and others. Thanks for such a seamless experience!

  • Rajesh Raushan
    December 2, 2020

    In Bangalore sometime its confusing with pujaari ji not understanding our native rituals. So I have requested for a pandit ji from Bihar for Satyanarayan Swami puja because that’s where i am from. A pandit ji from same place means they know the ritual properly and so i can expect same puja experience which i use to get in my native.
    They provided good service. Came on time with all required puja items. Puja was almost like what I expected.
    I am satisfied with the experience and would definitely recommend to friends.

  • Palash
    December 1, 2020

    I booked a Bengali purohit for griho pravesh & Satyanarayan Puja at my new house. Purohit (Ashok Roy) was very good. He was in touch continuously before puja to understand progress of arrangement, inform us about timing, his progress to arrange samagri etc..

    Pure prayer helped me to do our puja as per bengali rituals..

    I was not very confident to go with online booking but I never felt I am missing contact with purohit or pure prayer.. respective focals were in continuous touch with me.

  • Rupesh Kumar
    November 29, 2020

    Good quality puja performed by the pandit ji .

  • Purushotham
    November 23, 2020

    My heartfelt thanks to Pureprayer and Mr. Joshi for providing services along with the items needed for last rituals of my Father-in-law in Bangalore. It was very helpful to arrange all the material as per our tradition during this covid times without stepping out.
    Thank you very much for your patience in explaining the things and clarifying all the questions we have. All the rituals went well in Srirangapatna because of good coordination with pandit.
    I would recommend Pureprayer to my friends for any Pooja or Purohit needs.

    November 20, 2020

    We had booked with them for our gruhapravesham pooja. The services were very good and they are very punctual. And the rituals were performed very well. Excellent service by purohit Arun achar. Thank you

  • Shakthi
    November 19, 2020

    It was a great experience with Pure Prayer. We wanted to do Namkarana Pooja for our daughter and registered request in Pureprayer. Immediately, the purohit was alloted to us within 2hrs. Mr.Joshi was very friendly in assisting all the queries we raised and the Purohit allotted to us was Sri.Sharma, who was very good in explaining all the rituals/Pooja what ever he did. Overall good experience with Pureprayer and i strongly recommend all my friends and relatives to use services offered by Pure prayers.

  • Bala Narayana Reddy
    November 11, 2020

    Pujari gari came at at right time the Puja was perform as per our traditional way.
    Very satisfied with the services provided by your

  • Binoy
    November 11, 2020

    Great service. The pujari earlier confirmed did not show up and then through web search I found Pure Prayer contact info. On a short notice of less than 2 hours they provided me a very good pundit. The Puja went well as per rituals and all the family members liked it very much. Thanks for the timely, prompt and quality service

  • Saraswathi
    July 31, 2020

    Today I had booked online puja on account of VARAMAHALAKSMI festival. Pure Prayer team co- ordinated very well by mediating with Purohit and the devotee.
    The setup was hassle free, so that we could follow all the instructions by Purohit Purushotham and perform the puja with devotion.
    Never expected that a puja could be performed so well on an online platform.

  • Pradeep Goyal
    July 31, 2020

    Pandit did the pujja so well. Really appreciated.

    Thanks to PurePrayer, Sujay and bhiputty Pandeyji

  • Aaryak gautam
    February 28, 2020

    It was great experience. On time and very detailed. Nice experience overall. Will be my choice from hence on.

  • Deepa
    February 27, 2020

    The pandits did the pooja so well without any hassle. Sujay and his crew were very cooperative while booking for griha pravesh pooja. I recommend Pure prayer for everyone

  • Shruty
    December 25, 2019

    I had booked for a puja with Purohit service in Bangalore thru Pure Prayer!
    Really Great team work. From the time of booking till the time of completion of the puja. It was a over whelming experience. The Purohit was on time with samagri. Did the Pooja according to our vidhi. Explained the procedure, Was calm and not in a hurry to finish the puja. Kudos! Pure Prayer. Continue to keep up the great work.Best online puja booking app. Best price and pocket friendly#MostTrusted#Hasslefree#MostReliable.

  • Vivek
    December 25, 2019

    Me back with the review for Puohit service for the same Pure Prayer!
    I am very much happy with Pure Prayer! So when ever i think of Puja i only go with Pure Prayer. Best team, well co ordinated, knowledgable purohits, Helpful Support centre, Reasonable prices.I recommend them for all the services they provide fom puja, purohits, arrangements, yatras,….and many more. till the completion.Many thanks to the team. Feeling Grateful…..

  • Dilip.M.R
    December 25, 2019

    I had booked through Pure Prayer for Pandit service in Bengaluru for performing Satya Narayana Pooja. The service was very good from the moment I called them and up to the closure of the rituals the support people were in touch with me. The Pandit was prompt (on time) and the whole ritual went on very well.
    Though it was an online booking, it was hassle free. As soon as the seva was confirmed I received an SMS and also the support team called me about the booking of the seva.
    The support team was very cooperative and they had good knowledge about the ritual in terms of Puja items and the auspicious time for the Puja.
    I would highly recommend Pure Prayer for booking Pandit service in Bengaluru.



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