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Aruppadai Veedu is something that is sacred and very close to the hearts of devotees and followers of Murugan (Lord Subrahmanya). You can click here to know more about the Arruppadaiveedu Yatra presented by Pureprayer. Aruppadai Veedu are the places where Murugan conducted campaign against a demon king “Surapadman” and defeated him. This is popular as Surasamhara. In honor of Murugan’s victory, temples of Murugan have been built in these six places. The six sacred places are Palani, Swamimalai, Thiruttani, Thiruchendur and Palamudircholai and Thirupparamkundram.

Let’s continue our Yatra (journey) with Pazhlamudircholai Murugan temple and learn about this Kshetra.

Pazhlamudircholai Murugan temple among the Aaruppadaiveedu is close to the hearts of followers of Murugan, as this is the place where Avvaiyyar had a darshan of Murugan and learnt a lesson from him. Pazhlamudircholai Murugan temple is located about 20km from Maduari district. Pazhlam(Fruit) Udir (dropped) Cholai or Sholai (forest) was a dense wooded forest. Another name for this place was known as Solaimalai or Sholaimalai.

What is the importance of Pazhlamudircholai Murugan Temple?

Pazhlamudircholai was the place where, Lord Murugan is said to have given Darshan to Avvaiyyar. The following instance sheds some light on this. Pazhlam(Fruit) Udir (dropped) Cholai or Sholai (forest) was a dense wooded forest, Avvaiyyar was passing through. She was tired and thirsty. That was when she chanced upon a small adorable boy on a Jambu tree. She requested him for a few fruits, to quench her thirst. He laughed and asked, if she wanted a hot one (Suttru Pazhlam in Tamil) or a raw one (Sudattha Pazhlam). Avvaiyyar was nonplussed with this from a shepherd or a forest dude and did not answer. The boy went ahead and pluck some fruits and threw them at her. She was able to catch some and others fell on the ground. Avvaiyyar picked and blew over them to remove any dirt. Then the boy laughed again and asked, if the fruits were hot.

Avvaiyyar then decided that, the boy was none other than Murugan himself, who had come to test her and teach a lesson. She surrendered to Murugan and composed many poems on Lord Subrahmanya praising him. Another name for this place was known as Solaimalai.

Info on the temple:

Pazhalamudircholai Murugan temple is situated on a hill about 1100 feeet high from the sea level and is called Vrishabhadri, Idabadri or Solaimalai. The lush greenery surrounding the temple welcomes you. River Silambar flowing near the temple adds to the charm and sanctity. A gopuram has been built in Dravidian style. A specialty of the temple is, Lord Murugan is standing with Srivalli and Deivanai (Also called-Devasena) on either side. He is fondly referred to as, ‘Kurinji Nilakkizhavan’ by devotees. Murugan is referred as Jnana Shakti, Srivalli as Icchaa Shakti and Devasena as Kriyaa Shakti. Records state that, only a ‘Vel’ (Murugan’s weapon) carved in stone had been installed here before the temple was built. This is known as ‘Aadivel’. He is holding a Vel in the hand.

At the foot of the Vrishabhadri hill, you find another important temple popular as Azhlagar Kovil dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This is one of the 108 Divyadesam temples visited by devotees. Noopuragangai is a waterfall in Pazhlamudircholai. It is believed to have originated from the anklet of Lord Vishnu. Devotees take a dip in the stream and visit the nearby guardian deity, Rakkayi Amman. Poets Arunagirnathar and Nakkirar have written poems praising the Karikeyan and mentioned about Pazhlamudircholai. ‘Parippadal’, a Sangam or Changam period work mentions this temple.

Solaimalai is a dense forest rich in biodiversity. This is known for rare trees and also valuable medicinal plants and herbs. The hill also has numerous streams and rivulets.

Presiding deity:

What is the best time to visit Pazhlamudircholai Murugan temple?

Pazhlamudircholai Murugan temple can be visited throughout the year.  However, the weather is said to be pleasant during the months of November through February being the winter. Also the auspicious days of Kruttikai (Kruttika star), days of Shashthi (sixth day of Tamil calendar) and Vishakha star are some of the days preferred by the devotees.

Aadimaas (month of Ashadha in the Hindu calendar), Kartikamaas are special to the devotees of Lord Murugan (Subramanya).

 What is nearby Pazhlamudircholai Murugan temple?

The temple-town of Madurai is about 30km from Pazhlamudircholai Murugan temple. Madurai Meenakshi temple, Sri Hayagrivar temple, Koodal Azhlagar temple and Thirupparankundram Murugan temple are some of the landmark temples. Thiruchirappalli, the hub of Hindu temples is about 90km from Pazhlamudircholai Murugan temple. Sri Jambukeswarar temple, Sri Gneelivaneswarar temple and the temple complex of Sri Rangam are notable among the many marvels here. These represent a cluster of important temples in Tamil Nadu.

To be continued

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