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In the previous discussions we had mentioned about Tamasic Gunas and how Sattvic foods practice helps us win over these Tamasic Gunas. Sattvic foods and their preparations have been mentioned in Ayurveda. These can help us maintain our physiology and develop resistance to germs and diseases.

Here are a couple of ‘Easy to cook’ Sattvic food preparations for you to try at home.

Jeera Rasam:

Jeeara Rasam is a healthy, tasty preparation to mix with rice or consumed as a drink after food. Drinking or eating this with rice gives relief from cold, cough & Throat irritations. Just what the doctor ordered for this season, don’t you think?

Let’s get busy in the kitchen.

Note: Before entering the kitchen, do not forget to wash your hands and feet as a part of hygiene. Also, exercise enough caution with material brought from outside and proceed with cooking.

Ingredients for Jeera Rasam:

Toor Dal (50gm), Jeera, pepper (2 Tea spoons), chilles Red(2 or 3), mustard (2 Tea spoons) , ghee or oil for seasoning, salt, lemon (one half).

Serves 4 people.

You could grind jeera and pepper and pepper with mortar and pestle for going back to those good old days of food preparations by grandmas.

Cook toor dal in a vessel or cooker. Allow it to cool. Add powdered jeera and pepper and cook in a low flame. In a pan or small Kadai, pour a tea spoon of oil or ghee. Ghee is a great taste-enhancer and is said to play a role in helping absorb the vital content in our food more effectively.  Add mustard seeds, after the seeds have popped, fry the chilies. Pour it into the boiling dal. Add required amount of salt to suit your taste.

You can add freshly squeezed lemon juice to increase the citrus content that can fight the germs better and also bring a zing to the already heavenly preparation of Jeera Rasam.

By now, all your taste buds could be tingling and yearning for a taste of this fiery and yet healthy preparation. Go ahead and enjoy it with rice.

Happy Rasam Days!

Vegetable Koottu:


Beans, Broad beans, ground nuts, carrot and Chayote (chow-chow)- Total of ½ kg Vegetables

Other Ingredients:

A tea spoonful each of Urud dal, dhaniya and jeera, pepper (Half a tea spoon), cinnamon (about an inch long), cloves (2 flowers), ghee, grated coconut (One half), salt to taste and jaggary (About an inch cube).

Vegetable Koottu is another great soulful and filling preparation that has been practiced in the southern regions of India.

Cook all the vegetables and groundnuts together. In a pan add little ghee and fry urud dal, dhaniya, jeera, pepper, cinnamon and clove. Switch off the stove and add grated coconut and grind all the mentioned ingredients. You could use dried coconut (Kopra) in lieu of fresh coconut. That can add a different flavor to your magic potion that casts a magical spell on the members of your family. They would keep coming to you for more Koottu (Yeh dil maange more….!).

Add the mixture to the boiling vegetables and add salt and jaggary (Gud).

Eating Koottu with white or brown rice, acts not only acts as energizer, but also can boost immunity and strengthen your body to fight germs (Read as coronavirus).

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