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Sri Ganapati Atharvashirsha is the ultimate text on Lord Ganapati. He is the utmost deity. He cyclically forms, protects and destroys the universe and he represents the five elements, the past, present and future. Atharvashirsha means solitary focus of intelligence for one’s consciousness of the Divine. Atharva means Constant. Shirsha means brain or mind. Chanting Sri Ganapati Atharvashirsha on a regular basis can make brain, mind, and thoughts more steady, peaceful and joyful.
Lord Ganapati is invoked through Sri Ganapathi Atharvasheersha Mantra to seek his blessings, overcome all the obstacles in our path to progress. Chanting Sri Ganapati Atharvashirsha helps attain all the four virtues of life.
This Homa or Havan can be performed on any Chaturthi day or on the day of birth-star. Chaturthi in association with the week has different significance. Eg: Chaturthi on Tuesday is known as Angaraka Chaturthi.
Four dravyas used are modaka, durva grass dipped in ghee, popped paddy and samith dipped in ghee. Other mantras chanted include, Ganapati sukta and Rudram-Chamakam. This is followed by giving away prasadam and vastra and tamboolam.

Parihara for:
• Seeking relief from Shani Mahadasha, Rahudasha or Ketudasha
• Adverse situations in work or business
• Obstacles in beginning new ventures

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