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Traits of Magha Star Born

You are enterprising, popular, and a charismatic leader if you belong to this tenth star of the Vedic Zodiac belt.

Magha 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th padas belong to Simha Rashi (Leo constellation)

Popular Magha starrers – Julia Roberts, Margaret Thatcher, J Jayalalithaa, Theresa May, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, Winston Churchill, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

What Characteristics Identifies Magha star holder?

Magha means power. And this includes wealth, fortune, and prosperity. It is one of the most prosperous and mighty stars. Magha Nakshatra is ruled by Pitrus. In Sanskrit, Pitru refers to the spirit or spirits of deceased ancestors who have been properly sent off. People born under Magha Nakshatra are so abundantly blessed by the Pitris that they rarely feel the need for materialistic pleasures. Leadership, courage, and intellect are natural traits of people born under Magha Nakshatra.

Strengths of Magha Nakshatra Born people

Magha-starrers are popular because they lead with warmth and concern instead of being dominating. They are people who believe in the truth, are outspoken, and never beat around the bush. Having said that, they expect the same level of honesty and candour from others, as they have zero tolerance for lies. Natives of Magha stand up for the people they love and do whatever it takes to help them. Owing to their star ruler Pitri, following traditions and rituals is deeply ingrained in these people.

Weaknesses of Magha Nakshatra Born people

People bearing Magha Nakshatra can come across as bossy and dictating when they forget others also have a right to their views and actions. The truth is sacrosanct for them; they can speak the truth very directly and hurtfully, not considering others’ feelings. They have colossal pride and ego, and when they cling to them tenaciously, they easily hurt all those for whom they stood up, turning friends into enemies.

Why should You perform Magha Nakshatra Shanti Homam?

Did you know the New Year 2023 is beginning with Ashwini Nakshatram?

The New Year of 2023 is starting with Ashwini Nakshatram on First of January, and continues upto Revati Nakshatram on 27th of January. Performing Magha Nakshatra Homam helps to get the positive outcome of the Nakshatra that helps to improve the quality of life. Nakshatra homam is performed to reduce the adverse effect (Doshas) of the Nakshatra.

Magha Nakshatra Shanti Homas are performed on the day Magha Nakshatra occurs, as per the Hindu Almanac. Through this Nakshatra Shanti Homa, Pujas are offered to Lord Kuber on your behalf, Nakshatra overlord, Ishta Devata (Favourite Deity), Kula Devata (Family Deity), Lord Shiva, Nava Grahas (The Nine Celestial Planets), and many others thus ushering positivity into all aspects of your life.

Kumbha Aavahanam will be done for your Adhi Devata (Ruling Deity), Representative Animal, Representative Bird and Representative Tree followed by relevant Vedic Chants and Homam for your Janma Nakshatram.

What Represents Your Nakshatra?

Nakshatra Name Magha/Makha

(Overlord/The Ruling Deity)

Lord Kuber
Representative Animal Male Rat
Representative Bird Male Eagle
Representative Tree Banyan Tree

(Ficus benghalensis)

Hindi: बढ़

Kannada: ಆಲದಮರ Ala

Sanskrit: वटवृक्ष्

Tamil: ஆலை


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