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Traits of Shravana Star Born

You are intelligent, smart, and noble if you belong to this twenty-second star of the Vedic zodiac belt.

Shravana 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th padas belong to Makara Rashi (Capricorn constellation).

Popular Shravana starrers – Britney Spears, Medha Patkar, Kareena Kapoor, Abhinav Bindra, Rajni Kanth, Varun Gandhi, Vijay Mallaya, V Shantaram

What Characteristics Identifies a Shravana Star holder?

Shravana means “hearing.” The meaning further expands to include listening, understanding, and learning; all of this, put in a nutshell, will be education. The star is ruled by none other than Maha Vishnu, who manifests in each and every life and protects the universe. People born under Shravana Nakshatra are wonderful learners who can comprehend the world around them and pass on their learnings to others in the most meaningful manner as teachers or tutors.

Strengths of Shravana Nakshatra Born people

Nobility, humility, tolerance, and intelligence can all be synonymous with a Shravana starrer. And this makes them friendly and compassionate. The truth is very dear to the natives of Shravana Nakshatra, and when they follow their intuitions, they are sure to find spiritual joy. They are smart planners who strategise their blueprint so very well that when the results are there, it will all seem effortless. Shravana Nakshatra bearers are religious, devout, and mean harm to nobody willingly.

Weaknesses of Shravana Nakshatra Born people

People born under the Shravana Nakshatra are smart, no doubt. However, when they do not check their desire to achieve at any cost, this quality can take on a negative hue of cunning. They can also be very stubborn and obstinate. They make quick enemies because of their rigidity. They can go into spirals of confusion when they struggle to balance idealism and pragmatism.

Why should I perform Shravana Nakshatra Shanti Homam?

Did you know the New Year 2023 is beginning with Ashwini Nakshatram?

Performing Shravana Nakshatra Homam helps to get the positive outcome of the Nakshatra that helps to improve the quality of life. Nakshatra homam is performed to reduce the adverse effect (Doshas) of the Nakshatra.

Shravana Nakshatra Shanti Homas are performed on the day Shravana Nakshatra occurs, as per the Hindu Almanac. Through this Nakshatra Shanti Homa, Pujas are offered to Lord Vishnu on your behalf, Nakshatra overlord, Ishta Devata (Favourite Deity), Kula Devata (Family Deity), Lord Shiva, Nava Grahas (The Nine Celestial Planets), and many others thus ushering positivity into all aspects of your life.

Kumbha Aavahanam will be done for your Adhi Devata (Ruling Deity), Representative Animal, Representative Bird and Representative Tree followed by relevant Vedic Chants and Homam for your Janma Nakshatram.

What Represents Your Nakshatra?

Nakshatra Name Shravana

(Overlord/The Ruling Deity)

Lord Vishnu
Representative Animal Female Monkey
Representative Bird White Stork
Representative Tree Calotropis

(Calotropis gigantea)

Hindi: सफ़ैद आक

Kannada:  ಎಕ್ಕ

Sanskrit: श्वेतार्क

Tamil: எருக்கு Erukku


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